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Why You Should Use Strong Media-driven Profiles to Sharpen Your Digital Targeting

In a single day, we spend more than 4.5 hours of our time awake consuming media such as news, movies, and TV shows across multiple platforms. What and how we consume reveal a great deal about what we do on a daily basis, how we think and behave. Hence, media consumption can be a highly accurate proxy to determine personas or characters. 

For example, a working professional would obviously not watch TV for the bulk of the day, and then maybe turns on the TV after 6 pm. But their viewership would significantly increase over non-working days like weekends or specific public holidays. Thus, TV consumption can be used as a unique layer of intelligence to determine digital targeting for working people. 

Based on this strong correlation between media consumption and personas, we’ve developed advanced audience segments called Smart Segments that are more behavior focused, instead of just relying on demographic and geographic assumptions. 

Using media consumption as a powerful lens for smart segmentation of audiences, we can help you reach the following segments:

You can even reach segments based on the languages consumed and other key behavioral/demographic profiles, as well as interest-based segments!

Watch this video to know more about how Zapr’s unique and strong media-driven profiles can be utilized for sharper digital targeting:

Benefits Of Sharpening Digital Targeting With Smart Segments 

Zapr Smart Segments are exclusive media consumption-based audiences now easily accessible for digital advertising through data management platforms (DMP) like Lotame. Here’s how they can help you:

  1. Reach contextual audiences - Target audiences who have a behavioral affinity to the genre or the brand’s message. 
  2. Negate your competition - Reach the same audiences they do at an optimized cost on a platform that is more involved and personal.
  3. Run your TV plan on digital -  Zapr smart segments help you reach your TV audience (especially the audiences of impact properties on TV) across digital platforms at much lower costs. 
  4. Meet brand objectives better - Reach audiences according to where they are in the brand communication funnel and their behavioral interests.

Now you can easily plug the reach gap of your TV campaigns and sharpen your existing digital campaigns! Reach out to us to understand more about how to access these segments and run them on DMPs.

Sruthi Veer
Sruthi Veer
Content writer ( + guitar & pool player) at Zapr Media Labs.

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