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How Geo-Level TV Viewership Data Can Help You Win Key Markets and Maximize Viewership

It is safe to say that the COVID pandemic has significantly impacted the way in which we consume content. The lockdowns, combined with the shift to remote work culture, have gotten us closer to our TVs than ever before. 

With over 210 million TV homes, India is one of the top countries in offline media consumption. However, for years, broadcasters were not really aware of who their audiences are, where they are based, and what their content preferences are. This was the problem Zapr set out to solve.

Our proprietary audio content recognition (ACR) technology helps broadcasters access hyperlocal viewership data insights on TV content viewership and TV Commercial exposure across various regions.

What Is Hyperlocal Geo-Data and How Does it Help?

It’s no secret that TV viewership for a particular genre (or a show) can be very different, even within the same state. Moreover, things get more granular when we seek visibility over 500+ cities and towns, showing how key markets consume content very differently.  

Having access to geo-level viewership data helps you: 

  • Figure out the right placement of ads to reach region-specific audiences 
  • Understand the psychology of key markets and optimize your media plans to align with audience preferences
  • Identify gaps and make smarter spending decisions 

A Deeper Dive Into Geo-Level Viewership Data Insights

TV viewership insights provided by Zapr have helped many leading broadcasters determine crucial parameters such as market penetration and viewership, genre consumption, the behavior of audiences, etc.

In order to do this, you get access to insights about: 


            1.  TV penetration and distribution - 
  • TV viewership in each region/district within the state
  • Population size of each region/district in percentage
  • Distribution of TV viewers in specific cities
  •  Nature of the audiences (are they digital-first? OTT users, etc.)

    2. Content consumption behavior 
  • Similarity of TV consumption across regions/districts to understand audience base
  • High, medium, or low consumption of TV content
  • Frequency of tuning into TV over a specific period of time

    3. Genre-specific insights 
  • Is there heavy genre viewership in specific regions?
  • What kind of genres are viewed by people who watch more TV?

          4. Audience profiling 

  • Affluence of the audiences based on socio-economic factors 
  • Appographic data based on app interests of TV markets

Find out more about geo-data and how it can help you in detail by downloading this FREE E-book! 

For a broadcaster, these hyperlocal insights on reach and consumption at highly granular geo levels give deeper access to their TV audiences in a way that’s never been done before. 

If you have any questions or need more information, feel free to write to us at marketing@zapr.in

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