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How To Drive Better Market Impact With An Integrated Ad Strategy

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With Unlock 2.0 coming into place, we’re entering a new phase of more relaxations across various states. While businesses are picking back up, the economic slowdown still holds its impact on our advertising budgets.

But the good news is that your consumers are digital savvy now more than ever. India has crossed over half a billion mobile internet users!  

What’s more interesting is that they are not cutting the TV cord. A few weeks of lockdown has really boosted TV consumption across India. We’ve seen spikes in TV viewership reach upto 27% compared to pre-covid times.

In fact, over 70% of content on mobile is being consumed while the TV is running in the background!

This means, there couldn’t be a better time to integrate your TV and digital campaigns.

Since you’d want to spend your resources smartly, we’ve got a few ideas on how you can make maximum impact for every ad dollar spent. 

The best way to do this is using smart segments, which are exclusive media-driven audience profiles easily available on various data management platforms.

How to engage TV viewing audiences on digital with Smart Segments

A good place to start would be winning back maximum attention from your TV audiences. This is especially crucial for audiences like Cord Fakers, who are distracted on their phones while watching TV. 

Targeting them with your ads on mobile simultaneously while you run your TV campaigns lets you increase your ad frequency cost-effectively and achieve higher brand awareness. 

Similarly, a major chunk of your active TV viewers like the Cord Lovers segment can be further engaged on their phones with actionable ads while your TV ads are top-of-mind. 

You can further win back share-of-mind by targeting the Competition Inclined audience segment, i.e., those who’ve watched your competitor’s ads on TV. By showing them your ads on mobile, you can turn them to your side in an uncluttered environment.

With the increase in digital usage, we’ve identified ‘Digital Heavy’ audiences, ‘OTT viewers’ (users of apps like Hotstar, MXPlayer, etc.), ‘Music lovers’ (active on Spotify, JioSaavn, Gaana, etc.), ‘Movie Buffs’ who frequently visited cinemas before the lockdown, and much more. 

If your product is aimed at a specific TG, like affluent audiences for a premium product or parents with young kids for baby products, we can help you identify them too. 

We have several other behavioural and demographic profiles that can help you target relevant audiences in the current context.   

By adding TV viewership driven profiles on your campaigns, you can boost brand awareness, share-of-voice and also help convert TV exposure into digital leads.

Spending smartly today will lead to better impact for your marketing campaigns and help you effectively leverage current media consumption trends. 

If you want to know more about Smart Segments, feel free to download our e-book.