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This IPL, Bridge the 'Boundary' Between TV & Digital Advertising With Smart Segments

After facing its shares of obstacles, the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2021 is all set to go live soon. With the most-awaited sports season of the country just a few days away, brands are amplifying their marketing efforts to engage with their target audiences (TV and digital), in the best possible way. 

However, this is easier said than done as consumer-faced brands have audiences with a wide range of content preferences, coming from varied demographic backgrounds. Advertising on TV is one great way to ensure maximum reach. But does that mean similar ad exposure cannot be gained through digital platforms? Let’s find out. 


Advertising during IPL: What you can do to ensure maximum exposure and engagement 

Whether or not you are advertising on TV this IPL, Zapr’s smart segments can help you reach the right audience, on the platform that they are on! 

Smart segments refer to exclusive media (TV) consumption-based audience segments that are easily accessible for digital advertising. In other words, you can define your target audience and engage with them on platforms that they are actively using. 

Zapr has curated extensive audience profiles based on customers’ content preferences. Brands can take advantage of these profiles to sharpen their targeting and reduce any TVC overlapping. For instance, a baby products brand can choose segments such as “young mothers,” “urban parents,” etc., and access them easily on data management platforms (DMPs), such as Lotame. 


Using TV viewership-based data whether or not you’re advertising on TV 

For brands advertising on TV this IPL, leveraging Smart Segments is a great way to gain incremental reach over TV. You can reach audiences who’ve watched your TV ads to increase brand recall. What’s more, brands can also target and engage their TG that are exposed to competitor ads. 

Check out how Raymond executed a mobile marketing campaign for the brand’s new clothing lines using TV intelligence-based audience segments. The brand saw 2x CTRs across nearly 1 million people in just 10 days!

Godrej No 1 also leveraged Zapr to gain additional reach over its TV plan. The brand recorded an incremental reach of 260,000+ unique users in less penetrated geographies. This high engagement reduced spillage of impressions and brought down the effective cost per view (eCPV) by 28%.

For brands not advertising on TV, digital targeting powered by smart segments is an effective way of gaining TV-like ad exposure without having to actually advertise on TV. 

Check out how these 30+ brands (across various verticals) leveraged Smart Segments and built a well-rounded media strategy. 

Segments that you could use during IPL campaigns:

  • Loyal IPL Fans, the ones who watch it every year [Size: 60 mn] - Audiences who have watched IPL previously are bound to come back this year. Targeting this segment would ensure you engage IPL’s core audiences.
  • Audiences that are watching IPL, but not on TV - "Cord Cutters" [Size: 20 mn] - Audiences who are a part of your TG but are not watching IPL on TV. This segment helps brands drive incremental reach over their TV ads in a much more optimized way. 
  • Audiences that are exposed to your competitor’s TV ads (one of the popular ones!) [Size: up to 50 mn] - Well, if you’re advertising on TV or not, this segment has its charm for everyone. It helps you target audiences that are exposed to your competitor’s TV ads 
  • Audiences that watch IPL on digital streams [Size: 25 mn] - These are digital-first audiences who watch IPL primarily on digital streams.

These are just some of the popular segments to take advantage of during the IPL season. Zapr can help brands connect with audiences from any specific demographic, market, and language. 

Using Smart Segments is as easy as easy gets: Get insights on the go 

Our plug n play audience segments are easy to work with. Select audiences that you would like to engage, and use these segments for digital advertising via DMP platforms. You can access insights from your campaigns from anywhere, at any time. 

This IPL, stay ahead of your competitors in the field by teaming up with Zapr. 


If you’re interested to know more, download this detailed e-book about smart segments or simply write to us at marketing@zapr.in

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