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Major automobile brand captures one-third of its closest competitor’s audience during IPL

A leading automobile brand previously executed a campaign with Zapr to drive high brand recall with rich media creatives, and drove CTRs higher than industry standards (4.9%). The brand came back to us recently, and this time they wanted to reach audiences for a brand engagement campaign during the most popular televised sport event in India.  

Our client’s closest competitor was advertising and spending heavily on TV during the entire IPL season. Their marketing team wanted to reach the same audience, but in the most efficient and effective way possible to maximize reach and ROI for their campaign. The challenge could be met only by identifying this audience and precisely targeting them on mobile.

Why Zapr Targeting?

Zapr connects two important media platforms: Offline television and online mobile phones, both of which have the widest reach in India.

Using our TV-to-Mobile analytics, the brand was able to precisely identify viewers exposed to their competitor’s ads aired during the IPL season telecast. The same audiences were targeted on Zapr audience engagement platform - the only platform that allows brands to connect TV to mobile comprehensively. The results were as impactful as our previous Facebook and YouTube campaigns.

The automobile brand reached out to 1 million+ TV viewers exposed to their competitor’s commercial during IPL only and received such high engagement that the cost per completed view (CPCV) delivered was 72% lower than client expectations, which means they saved more than half of their budget on each ad using Zapr targeting.



We had to find smartphone users who watched the ads of the client’s closest competitor on broadcast TV during IPL.

Our challenge was to identify and engage ONLY with them via Zapr programmatic platform and optimize video engagement with the brand asset.

We broke down the problem areas into three critical steps:

  • Map out individual smartphone users who watched automobile ads during IPL on TV
  • Display the brand’s videos on whichever apps they use on their smartphones
  • Monitor all ad exchanges throughout the campaign and optimize video engagement



We designed a unique engagement strategy to meet the challenge of reaching out to their competitor’s ad viewers without the heavy spends of advertising on TV.

Zapr targeting for jewellery brand Orra (11).png


We carved out our target audience from Zapr’s database of more than 40 million smartphone profiles across India. This segment was plugged into the Zapr ad-tech platform which automates ad exchanges across multiple inventories. The campaign served the client’s creative asset  on top mobile apps across different categories where targeted individuals spent their time.

Creative: Video

Duration: 30 days

Platform: Programmatic

The video was targeted to a very customized segment of audiences, and created a strong impact among TV ad viewers as seen in the results below.



The automobile brand reached 1 Mn+ unique IPL viewers who watched their competitor’s ads on TV, out of which nearly 80% watched the video till the end! This helped the brand reduce their cost per completed view to only 38% of the initial budget.

Interestingly the campaign received consistent engagement on both weekdays and weekends - this is different from our previous campaigns which usually performed better over weekends.

Zapr targeting for jewellery brand Orra (4).png

On further analysis, we found that the highest engagement took place in states such as Rajasthan, Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh and Gujarat. We also profiled the consumption preferences of targeted audiences and found the top five shows that they watch on TV. These insights help us identify the brand’s ideal audiences by mapping the location and interests of those who engaged with the automobile brand, aiding future brand campaigns.

(Marketers who wish to deliver highly targeted campaigns and access similar reports can contact us at hello@zapr.in)


Zapr campaigns are unique because of how we accurately bridge a brand’s offline TV exposure with their online presence on mobile. So if brands aren’t running campaigns on TV, they can still reach the same audiences on second screen. And if brands already have ads airing on TV, Zapr campaigns can help achieve higher mind share and lead users directly to the point of purchase like we’ve seen with UrbanClap.

Research and data analytics at Zapr ensure that TV audiences are not probabilistic samples anymore, but individuals with whom brands can directly engage on mobile phones.

Read more case studies on Zapr campaigns here. You can also visit our website to explore more user engagement offerings at Zapr Media Labs.

Zapr Media Labs
Zapr Media Labs
Latest resources on TV Advertising, Cross-media Marketing and Consumer Research.

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