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Jewellery brand Orra engages 1 Million on anniversary sale: wins higher SOV by targeting competition

With today’s constant influx of information and multiple buying options, brands need to consistently stay at the top of people’s minds. They do this by grabbing high-impact spots on both traditional offline and new online media. At Zapr Media Labs, we integrate first and second screens to deliver previously impossible engagement between brands and their niche audiences.

In a recent campaign for one of India’s leading jewellery brands Orra, Zapr analytics helped the brand maximize an important growth metric during their anniversary sale.

Using Zapr’s unique TV-to-Mobile platform, Orra effectively engaged with more than 1 million smartphone users who watched the most recent jewellery ads on TV including Orra ads. This helped the brand win enormous share-of-voice (SOV), a metric that determines a brand’s digital exposure compared to competitors. And according to research by Millward Brown carried out on more than 4,000 brands, SOV hugely influences a brand’s market share over time!

Why Zapr targeting?

Orra wanted to reach large audiences with top-of-mind recall for jewellery ads and precisely engage with them on mobile. Using Zapr analytics with our repository of over 40 million profiled smartphone users, the brand was able to detect exactly who watched Orra ads on TV and even the ads of Orra’s key competitors. Zapr targeted Orra’s messaging directly to these unique viewers on mobile platforms like YouTube, Facebook and other top apps.

Focused on improving SOV and competitor re-targeting we used highly local geo-targeting across cities like Delhi, Hyderabad and Bangalore where Orra showrooms are located successfully linking TV - Mobile - Offline. The campaign not only reached wide audiences of more than 1 million users, but also witnessed impactful engagement across different age groups, gender, and time periods.



We had to maximize Orra’s digital exposure by getting jewellery TV commercial viewers to engage with them online. Our challenge was to fulfill unique targeting parameters to bridge Orra’s offline - online engagement, and convert their competition into higher SOV on Mobile.

Here’s how we broke down the challenge:

  • Segment people who recently watched Orra and its competitors’ ads on traditional broadcast TV. We mapped them across specific geographic locations where Orra stores are located.
  • Display multiple ad creatives on apps and social media sites where viewers can like, respond, share and directly go to the product site.
  • Execute all operational processes throughout the campaign’s run-time. Our team would meticulously monitor all exchanges on our ad networks and ensure the most optimized spends.



We designed a unique targeting strategy to solve the previously impossible challenge of connecting offline TV with online marketing, like the one presented by Orra in this case study.




We mapped out vast audiences who watched Orra and its competitors’ ads on TV. These devices were identified and segmented from the Zapr data repository comprised of more than 40 million smartphone user profiles. The same individuals were shown Orra ads on social media sites like Facebook, YouTube and other top apps where they spent time.

Creative: Banner and Video

Duration: 25 days

Platforms: Programmatic, Facebook and YouTube (Targeted IDs supplied by Zapr Platform)

Both banner and video campaigns made significant impact on Orra’s target groups as seen in the results below.



The campaign reached out to 1 Million+ unique individuals on mobile who had recently watched jewellery ads on Broadcast TV including Orra ads. Out of the people who started watching the video, 28% viewed it till the end (View-Through-Rates).


We observed marked differences in how different gender and age groups engaged with the jewellery brand campaign. Interestingly female audiences delivered 57% higher CTRs, and 45 - 54 year olds performed better than other age groups with 13% higher CTRs and 37% higher VTRs, indicating high interest and intent to purchase in these segments.


The campaign performed better on weekends with higher clicks and completed video views compared to weekdays: 7% higher CTRs and 25% higher VTRs. Previous Zapr campaigns also point to better responses on weekends. Additionally the Orra campaign witnessed 13% higher engagement in the afternoon compared to morning and evening slots.

(Would you like to run similar campaigns and access reports like this? Reach out to us on hello@zapr.in)



Zapr’s TV-to-Mobile analytics helps brands achieve powerful second screen engagement which maximizes key growth metrics like share-of-voice (SOV). Our campaigns cover everything from precisely identifying target audiences to engaging with them on the most relevant digital platforms. Brands and agencies can track every step of their campaigns on our dashboards, and access consumption data from the Zapr repository which is growing everyday.

If you’d like to know more about Zapr campaigns, visit our case studies. You can also check out our website and explore more user engagement offerings at Zapr Media Labs.


Zapr Media Labs
Zapr Media Labs
Latest resources on TV Advertising, Cross-media Marketing and Consumer Research.

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