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Zapr Testimonials | Suvrita Saumya, Sr. Marketing Manager - Tata Motors

Tata Motors wanted to create high brand awareness among FIFA viewers for their commercial vehicle Tata Ace Gold. Suvrita Saumya, Senior Manager of Marketing Communications at Tata Motors, talks about how the brand stayed away from the clutter on TV and instead engaged viewers on mobile with innovative moment marketing:

"We executed industry first innovation campaign using Zapr. The objective for this campaign was to create awareness in youth. This was for our product called TATA Ace Gold. Ace Gold is focused towards youth. We wanted to position it as a product which explores the opportunity to do something on your own. So FIFA was the best time to do this campaign because we were not doing a lot of TV commercials during that time. And our audience is majorly on mobile, so this was the best time.

Moment marketing is something new and this was done for the first time for commercial audiences. We did this campaign to target youth during FIFA. FIFA was something which was the most talked topic during that time and the objective was to create tremendous awareness on digital with the youth. We used a second screen for this campaign. We have a specific mascot called 'Chhota Haathi' and we used this mascot to create awareness about the campaign. Creative was done in an interesting manner because it was based on different moments like goal, free-kick, as well as, yellow card, red card, and whenever these moments happened, we pushed its creative to multiple apps through Zapr.

The main objective behind doing this campaign was to utilize a second screen. Even though people are watching a match or any other thing on TV, they still engage with their phone. And we have good data points to prove that. That is why we thought that we will explore this opportunity and go ahead with Zapr.

Through this campaign, we reached around 5 million unique users. The engagement was really high, CTR was also good and what we saw was some of the creatives really performed well. So we got to know what really works with the youth and what is the kind of creative we have to push to get engagement. Best part was we also got to know what platform worked for us. Similarly, if there is anything interesting which is related to that moment, whether it is IPL or any other especially Sports related campaign, we would definitely like to try this moment marketing campaign again with Zapr."

Watch the video:


Read the full case study here:  https://info.zapr.in/tata-motors-case-study 


Zapr Media Labs
Zapr Media Labs
Latest resources on TV Advertising, Cross-media Marketing and Consumer Research.

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