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Why Hyperlocal TV Viewership Data is A Must-have for TV Advertising

The second wave of the Covid pandemic and subsequent lockdowns have got us all holed up in our homes and among close circles; this has led to much higher content consumption across multiple screens. Interestingly, it’s not just Covid guidelines that differ across states and cities, but also TV viewership patterns. We’re seeing highly granular differences in TV consumption across different geo-markets that could be effectively leveraged by marketers! 

Data shows that TV viewership for a particular genre can be very different, even within the same state. Moreover, things get more granular when we deep dive across 500+ cities tracked, showing how key markets consume content very differently. So it’s time to start thinking hyperlocal!  


How can hyperlocal TV viewership insights help you?

  • Know exactly where to place your TV ads to reach geo-specific TGs: Basically, you can understand how your specific target audiences watch and engage with your brand’s TV commercials -  across channels, shows and time bands (Primetime, non-primetime, etc.). So for example, if TVC data tells you that your TG in Andheri East is consuming lots of Marathi news this month, you can boost your visibility in those channels and engage them effectively.
  • Go hyperlocal and win key markets: Easily plug in data insights on TV content viewership and TV Commercial exposure across various regions into your TV media plans, and win those critical markets over to your side! For example, if your objective is to get higher brand consideration in top metropolitan cities, then advertise exactly where maximum eyeballs are found and make them choose you over competitors. 
  • Identify gaps and make smarter spending decisions: By knowing how your most relevant audiences watch TV, you can avoid a great deal of spillage and close the gap between your spends and ROIs. As a result, you would spend exactly where your money counts!
  • Last but not the least, do it all in near real-time… Don’t wait for days when you can get data in a couple of hours. 

Now that we know why these insights matter, let’s get a glimpse of what this data actually looks like:

We studied specific geo-markets for different states across week 21 and found highly fluctuating differences across different populations. 

For example, in the Marathi market, TV viewership plateaued or flat lined among metro cities whereas 1L+ towns saw a drastic peak of 128% increase in consumption. 

In comparison, let’s look at the Tamil market where viewership rise took place rather uniformly across metros, 1M and 1L towns alike. 

These are just snapshots of two states, and the drastic differences in TV viewership behaviour reflects the myriad possibilities of how various regions in India consume content uniquely. 

The answer to effective market engagement lies in tapping into this intelligence and using it to shape media plans at highly granular levels. Because the post-pandemic world is moving inwards, and success lies in how hyperlocal a brand can go to talk to its audiences.

If you’re curious to know more hyperlocal data and targeting, we’re here to talk! Reach us on marketing@zapr.in.

Suzanne Sangi
Suzanne Sangi
Suzanne is a writer, music lover and Cultural Studies enthusiast. She occasionally sneaks into the music corner to jam, and goes home to (try and) finish her second novel.

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