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Koffee with Karan: Did Aamir Khan manage to break through his serious persona and charm the audience?

ImageKoffee with Karan season 4 is breaking clichés; it premiered with Salman Khan and last night Karan hosted Aamir Khan who as we are aware stays away from award functions and is clueless of gossip in B Town. Obviously the show began with why he avoided coming on the show for all these years and was met by a blunt response that Aamir was not a fan of KJo or of little that he knew of him. That has changed now and hence there was no hesitation this time. And the show continued to be on the same sincere and honest note. Aamir talked about his rapport with Salman Khan, the initial differences which sobered down as they both went into a different phase of life. There is a strain in his relationship with SRK and he feels there is no vacuum in Sharukh’s life that needs to be filled with him.

People have always been inquisitive about his apathy towards award ceremonies and stage performances.  He follows his heart, does what gives him enjoyment and pleasure. There is no division of black and white; he just remains true to himself. He does not read tabloids and we were not surprised at that. Also he evades attending movie previews because his honesty is not always perceived for good intentions. His films are not made for achieving big numbers but he aspires for a wow reaction from his audience. One actor that amazes him is Ranbir and he truly wants to bring the Ranbir factor in his acting.

“Is Aamir easy to live with?” was Kiran’s opening question and the director then talked about how it was to marry Aamir who has this entire life around him in terms of family, stardom etc. She saw him through an emotionally fragile state. Kids and the entire family warmed up to her more as friends than family. The actor appreciates the energy and liveliness that Kiran brings into his life. Instead of Kiran being insecure of all the actresses and attention that the Bollywood star gets, it is Mr.Khan who has the fear of losing people who are dear to him. Quite evidently both cherish each other in a very amiable way.

The trait that attracts Amir is when a girl is direct in her approach and the best pick up line used on him is, “I wanna sleep with you”. The most exciting part of the show, the rapid fire, was a bit forceful though. Kiran admires Ranbir too and Aamir finds Kangna sexy. Aamir rated himself average as a husband, a father and as an actor. Kiran saved his grace for being good in bed though. Not much else was exciting there. All in all, it was a good watch. There was not much spice but it was a candid conversation and I felt that the conversation was oblivious to the cameras. Yes the couple did charm us in their own unique way.

Zapr Media Labs
Zapr Media Labs
Latest resources on TV Advertising, Cross-media Marketing and Consumer Research.

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