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Deepika and Priyanka spill the beans on Koffee with Karan !!!


A lot of gossip is expected when two tabloid loved divas take the couch on Koffee with Karan. I do not know about gossip but there were some personal or should I say personality revelations on the show. Priyanka Chopra entered with a sultry appeal which is very natural to her. Like us Karan also wondered, where that came from and she wisecracked, 'she doesn’t know how to be without it’. This is the kind of attitude she carried throughout. But Padukone looked quite submissive and lacked confidence, whether due to the last year’s debacle or Priyanka’s imperious presence. One can only guess.

Was PC upset for not winning the best actress for ‘Barfi’ last year?? Yes and she wanted to leave the ceremony but stayed for being a good sport. Last season’s bitchiness on the couch got Ranbir and his family miffed with Deepika. Talking about Ranbir and Deepika’s break up, she went public about her relation for she believed it to be something permanent. It was more heart breaking because her life went parallel along his, but has learnt and moved on to channelize energy in her work.

The cliché question was about heroines incapable of being friends with contemporaries. This is when Deepika’s bubble that she is friends with Anushka was popped. And Piggy Chops doesn’t feel uncomfortable with anybody but she might make other people uncomfortable. When asked about Ranveer Singh, Deepika was cautious this time and kept shush and her couch partner came to her defense saying 10% of an actor’s life should be allowed to be private.

Bumping into exes is not awkward for both of them and Priyanka going for Shahid’s party and Deepika’s chemistry with Ranbir is proof enough. Now for the rather interesting part, when hit by men in the industry, Deepika’s go to reaction is a dumb smile and I wonder how that works out! And Priyanka who has high standard in men owing to her father’s spoiling has a firm no. That does not come off well for her sometimes but seems fair to me with that entire attitude. And both of them on a rather shocking note, do not understand the concept of dating. On one hand Deepika goes on a date only when there is a future, quite the reason why she has a tattoo that needs to be removed. On the other hand the Indian pop star expects to be wooed, pursued and swept off. But if she is not gonna go for a date then is the guy expected to sing to her outside the house to charm ‘Daddy’s lil girl’?? This was followed by an attack on the Indian culture, which apparently does not breed the concept of dating.

Coming to the rapid fire round, both of them disappointed Karan as well as the audience. Giving you the highlights; Priyanka thinks if anyone will have a life size poster of themselves it would be Bebo and one word that comes to her mind for Shahid Kapoor is ‘Gandi Baat’. Sonakshi’s masala hips make her wanna sing, ‘Hips don’t lie’. Deepika did not want to answer whom out of her ex or present boyfriend is a better actor even when she had an answer. Way to hide your relationship!! Also after taking ages to answer, her answers failed to entertain. It was followed by the Bollywood quiz and I must say Priyanka Chopra, the international star, should watch a few Hindi films as well.

Zapr Media Labs
Zapr Media Labs
Latest resources on TV Advertising, Cross-media Marketing and Consumer Research.

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