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Here’s what Urban TV viewers in South India are watching: Bigg Boss Kannada opens with 2.6 million

The Colors premiere of Bigg Boss Kannada on 15th October with celebrity host Kiccha Sudeep garnered 2.6 million TV viewers. At Zapr Media Labs, we analysed viewership for the first five weeks and found consistent viewership across episodes, with impressive show-stickiness indicators!

Following its Hindi counterpart, the new season opened doors to 6 common participants alongside celebrities. The new formula has pulled in massive urban audiences across South India’s TV population, and has seen migration from viewers of other regional variants such as Bigg Boss Tamil and Bigg Boss Telugu!

We mapped out viewership across episodes; audience overlaps and migration from other South Indian TV shows to Bigg Boss Kannada. Zapr’s precise geolocation technology provided an urban-rural viewership split that reveals a high affinity for the show among urban audiences.

Let us take a look:

Daily Trends:

The show witnessed an average viewership of 1.6 million for each episode in the period considered in this study. The chart below indicates the day-to-day viewership of Bigg Boss Kannada in millions:

Amidst all the noise, Bigg Boss Kannada experiences high show-stickiness:

Despite the alluring call of other favourite prime time shows on television, viewers of Bigg Boss Kannada are hooked: 42.50% who watched the opening episode came back the very next day! An average of  45.73% overlap was recorded between consecutive episodes in the initial three days of the show, meaning more than half of those who watched an episode tuned in the next day as well, indicating strong loyalty to the show.

Viewers of South Indian GEC content throng to Bigg Boss Kannada Season

Zapr analytics for Bigg Boss Kannada reveals heavy migration from other South Indian regional shows which aired at the same time on the same days. The largest migration happened from other Kannada serials Agnisakshi (42.60%) followed by Drama Juniors (36.30%). Our platform also reveals audience migration from the debut seasons of Bigg Boss Tamil (2.40%) and Telugu (2.30%).

High affinity among urban viewers: Bigg Boss Kannada indicates affluent segments

Zapr’s user-mapping technology precisely identified the location of Bigg Boss Kannada viewers and found higher skew towards urban populations: 68.60% urban share and 31.40% rural share. This data helps media planners gauge geo-markets at an individual level, and determine affinity among specific socio-cultural regions. Our analytics can further deep-dive into handset data and other socio-economic indicators of Bigg Boss viewers.


Marketers can engage viewers of Bigg Boss Kannada or any other TV show, and target promos and commercials to unique users using Zapr's TV-to-Mobile platform. Reach out to us directly on hello@zapr.in for your next media plan!

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Zapr Media Labs
Zapr Media Labs
Latest resources on TV Advertising, Cross-media Marketing and Consumer Research.

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