Previously we ranked the big boys of Bollywood based on TV viewership in 2016. Zapr Media Labs now presents top 5 female actors who were most watched on TV by unique viewers.

Our quest to find Queen Bee reveals interesting insights on each actor’s reach and more importantly their audience loyalty. Marketers can write in for more details on these metrics which we believe are crucial for understanding the impact of Celebrities as eyeball-grabbers and brand ambassadors. Zapr also identifies these loyal audiences through their actual TV viewership and engages with them seamlessly on their smartphones across apps, exchanges and social platforms such as Facebook.

bollywood toppers - actress.png

Up next we have top Bollywood movies that were most watched on TV!

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ZAPR profiles the TV viewership behavior of tens of millions of individuals across India. The audiences considered in this study are part of ZAPR’s TV viewership audience pool. Additionally, through the ZAPR Audience Platform, millions of TV viewers can now be targeted and engaged with interactive mobile content and ads.


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