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4 Analytical Reasons why Kapil Sharma is still the King of Hindi Entertainment

From being the only TV personality in The Forbes India Celebrity 100 list last year to now signing a 110 crore contract with Sony Entertainment, Kapil Sharma’s comedy stint has certainly outdone everybody on Indian Television.

We previously analysed the massive impact of his shift from Colors’ Comedy Nights with Kapil to Sony TV’s The Kapil Sharma Show. Zapr Media Labs now traces Kapil Sharma’s journey with the show that has unequivocally crowned him Kingpin of Hindi Television Entertainment.

Here are four reasons why we think he totally bagged that contract:

  1. Consistent viewership:

From its launch on 23rd April 2016, The Kapil Sharma Show has seen a visible consistency in its (avg) Weekend Viewership trend.


As seen from the graph above, weekend 36 (1st and 2nd Oct) enjoyed a spike that touched 58.3 million unique TV viewers. This leads us to point number two.

  1. People you never believe would come on Celeb TV shows:

The Kapil Sharma Show has featured a wide range of popular personalities from Bollywood actors to accomplished musical artists. However the show went beyond the usual celeb drama when it featured acclaimed Indian social activist Anna Hazare on its special Gandhi Jayanta telecast on 2nd Oct. The episode garnered 60 million viewers, its highest yet!


  1. Kapil or Salman: who’s the Bigger Boss?

The Kapil Sharma Show enjoys a kingsize share of weekend Hindi Entertainment viewership. The show captured 26.2% share of the total viewership in the 9 PM - 11:30 PM time slot for the month of November.

Grabbing the next spot is Salman Khan’s Bigg Boss 10 on Colors claiming viewership share of 18%.  


Featuring fourth on the chart is Comedy Nights Bachao Taaza on Colors aired in the exact same timeslot and days as The Kapil Sharma Show. The show which was intended to fill Primetime comedy slot in the wake of Kapil Sharma’s exit from Colors remains to be seen as a staunch competitor.

  1. Boom in channel viewership:

Owing to the show’s success, the Time Spent on Sony Entertainment TV on Weekend Primetime has experienced a month-on-month growth of 11.8% on an average from April to November.

At Zapr Media Labs our obsession with data analytics invariably leads us to analyze the content consumption patterns of TV viewers, further segmenting them into highly niche interest based audiences.

So in this case, we were curious to know what other shows are popular among the viewers of The Kapil Sharma Show.

It turns out that these viewers absolutely get a kick out of Reality TV:

The highest watched show among Kapil Sharma viewers is the dance reality show Super Dancer aired on the same channel on weekends during the 8 PM slot.

Bigg Boss also claims high popularity among its viewers. Shows like Savdhaan India, Taraak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah and Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hain! feature in the Top Five.

top shows - KSS.png

Distributed across different states in India, the show’s geographic reach for the month of November leans towards North Indian states. Maharashtra leads with 18.4 million viewers, Uttar Pradesh follows with 15.3 million viewers. Punjab also features in top five with 6.3 million viewers.


These viewership metrics are a glimpse of the Big Data Analytics undertaken here at Zapr Media Labs. Our TV-to-Mobile platform allows TV broadcasters and OTT video providers to track viewership of specific TV shows and genres across our vast repository of millions of individuals in India.

Brands and advertisers can identify and target these viewers on smartphones using Zapr’s expansive network of ad exchanges across hundreds of publishers.

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Zapr Media Labs
Zapr Media Labs
Latest resources on TV Advertising, Cross-media Marketing and Consumer Research.

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