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Track your TV campaign performance in near real-time this IPL!

With only a month before IPL 2020 kicks off, brands and advertisers across categories have their interests piqued. Ad spots are currently being sold at pre-COVID levels in the confidence of pent-up demand for live sports.  

As the biggest cricket property in India, advertising during IPL is one of the most expensive affairs. App-based brands like Dream11, Byju’s, Swiggy, and Paytm are expected to be the biggest contributors to the advertising pie this year, especially with Dream11 bagging the sponsorship title. 

Since a lot of money is being spent (over ₹2000 Crores in ad revenues last year, to give you an idea), it becomes pivotal for these brands to be able to monitor how their TV campaigns are performing among one of their most important TGs – their app users. 

Here’s where Convex can help.

Zapr’s TVC analytics enables near real-time TV campaign monitoring data of your users like no other measurement system can provide.

Get instant analysis of your TV campaign performance among your user base

The viewership of TV campaigns can be measured specifically among app-user segments at highly granular levels like: 

  • Channels, Genres & Shows
  • Geography (State, City, SCR levels)
  • Time-slots (including primetime vs. non-primetime comparison)
  • Day of the week (including weekdays vs. weekend comparison) 
  • Affluence levels (depending on the price of mobile handsets)

All of this can be done in near real-time and you don’t have to wait for several days to get a full report of how your TV commercials performed. 

This means you can fine-tune your campaigns on the go. With Convex, you get to know your most effective ad spots right away by measuring reach, frequency, and share of voice. Based on the impact, you can even complement your TV plan with localized promotions wherever needed.

Watch this short video to know more about the data cuts you can get with Convex:


How Convex Works 

Using automatic content recognition technology (ACR), our system detects what smartphone users watch on TV on any channel at any given time (they are recognized as Google Advertising IDs without any Personally Identifiable Information). This way, we are able to capture every exposure they’ve had to TV content and commercials and their TV viewing habits and preferences. (You can read more about Zapr’s ACR expertise here). When app-based brands use Convex, we first analyze the overlap between the app’s user base and Zapr’s smartphone universe. This common set of audiences are then segregated into different cohorts of their business interest (like high value vs. low users, old vs. new users, etc.) and become the focus group for all further studies and analyses.*

*TV viewership data is received only from users who have given explicit permission

Deterministic TV viewership insights of your app users can further help you include new and high reach channels to your media plan for the upcoming IPL and festive season. You can read more about how Convex can sharpen your media plan here. 

Want to know more about Convex? Download the e-book below or get in touch with us here.

Sruthi Veer
Sruthi Veer
Content writer ( + guitar & pool player) at Zapr Media Labs.

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