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Top TV Viewership Insights from IPL 2020

IPL 2020 was a breath of fresh air to cricket fans this year - it was almost a miracle that it happened despite the pandemic. While the experience of watching it live was stolen from us, it increased the overall time spent per viewer on TV. 

Over the last two months, we kept track of IPL viewership on TV closely and gave weekly updates on our social media pages. Here’s a recap of our key insights:

Week 1 
Match 1-7 | 19th - 25th September
Week 2
Match 8-14 | 26th September - 2nd October


Week 3
Match 15-23 | 3rd - 9th October


Week 4
Match 24-32 | 10th - 16th October


Week 5
Match 33-41 | 17th - 23rd October

Artboard 1 (3)-3

Week 6
Match 42-50 | 24th - 30th October


Week 7
Match 51-58 | 31st October - 6th November

The final match’s viewership broke previous records, reaching over 31 million audiences who were glued to their TV screens. The overall viewership increased by 28% since last year, making IPL 2020 biggest ever in terms of viewership!

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Sruthi Veer
Sruthi Veer
Content writer ( + guitar & pool player) at Zapr Media Labs.

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