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Top 12 Audience Segments That Advertisers Should Engage In IPL 2021

The biggest TV event - IPL has started, and we know how special this season is going to be, amidst all the chaos of the pandemic. For media planners and advertisers, the game is on. 


Even though most Indian fans cannot be present on the field, audiences are going to be hooked on Television or digital streaming platforms. This gives an even greater opportunity for brands to engage with IPL audiences through efficient media planning. 


Now let’s take a look at the top target segments that marketers should not miss while planning their campaigns: 

  1. Loyal IPL Fans, the ones who watch it every year [Size: 60 mn]

    Audiences who have watched IPL previously are bound to come back this year. Targeting this segment would ensure you engage IPL’s core audiences.
  2. Audiences that are watching IPL, but not on TV - "Cord Cutters" [Size: 20 mn]

    Audiences who are a part of your TG but are not watching IPL on TV. This segment helps brands drive incremental reach over their TV ads in a much more optimized way.  
  3. Regional Groups based on language preference:
    Leverage segments based on the language in which audiences consume content, apart from geo-location filters.
  4. Audiences underexposed to your expensive IPL ads - "Cord Shavers" [Size: 30 - 40 mn]

    These audiences are watching IPL on TV and have also seen your ads, but are underexposed. You could either spend more on TV (for the expensive ad slots) OR you could choose this segment and achieve that frequency by engaging this set on digital, at highly optimized costs.
  5. Audiences that have their TV on, but are certainly distracted - "Cord Fakers"[Size: 20 - 25 mn]

    This set is basically glued to their phones when there’s an ad break, or maybe not. How about you make sure that your brand’s messaging reaches them too?

  6. Team fans? Player fans? We’ve got them all [Size: Upto 10 Mn each]

    Yes, we can help you find audiences that have watched every Kohli or Dhoni match and combine that TV viewing pattern with what team they support during the IPL. This way, we can find you the most appropriate target audiences.
  7. Audiences that are exposed to your competitor’s TV ads (one of the popular ones!) [Size: upto 50 mn]

    Well, if you’re advertising on TV or not, this segment has its charm for everyone. It helps you target audiences that are exposed to your competitor’s TV ads
  8. Audiences who are big IPL fans in general [Size: 35 mn]

    We can find out audiences that love IPL - watch it heavily on TV, follow it closely on digital. What could be the best proxy than this? By analyzing their TV and digital consumption, we can vouch for this.
  9. Audiences that watch IPL on digital streams [Size: 25 mn]

    These are digital first audiences who watch IPL primarily on digital streams.
  10. Remote IPL viewers [Size: 15 mn]

    Don’t leave out those people who are stuck in work and keep checking scores on digital platforms.
  11. Premium IPL fans, and when we say premium, we mean “premium” [Size: 10 - 15 mn]


    Looking to target audiences with high purchase power and also watching IPL? We’ve got you. This segment is built on the basis of the price range of devices this set uses, combined with their top used apps i.e. news, finance, business and the topped with their TV viewership consumption patterns.

  12. The IPL youth bucket! [Size: 25 mn]

    We can help you find the correct youth fans of IPL based on digital usage, types of apps used, the age group filter and all of it combined with their IPL consumption pattern!


    With over 200 Mn+ smartphone users profiled across India, Zapr can easily access each of these highly customized segments which are integrated with DMPs like Lotame, Trade Desk. Advertisers can effortlessly plug-n-play just like you do on Facebook, YouTube, etc., and deliver high impact campaigns while spending smartly. 

    To get started with these unique IPL segments, reach out to our team by clicking on the GET IN TOUCH  button. 

Suzanne Sangi
Suzanne Sangi
Suzanne is a writer, music lover and Cultural Studies enthusiast. She occasionally sneaks into the music corner to jam, and goes home to (try and) finish her second novel.

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