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This IPL, Bid on Convex!

The next edition of IPL is just around the corner, so it’s safe to assume that the number 1 agenda on every brand’s plate is ‘winning the audience’! If only there was a sure shot solution, right? Why, of course, there is! Presenting you, Zapr’s CONVEX!

Let’s see, what are the top burning concerns in every brand’s mind?

Universal struggles for all brand marketers, no matter which industry they belong to!

WHO to target
Do you want to reach specific types of consumers - premium, light, medium, heavy buyers?

WHERE to target
For a TV campaign, what are the most impactful channels and time-slots to advertise on?

FREQUENCY of engagement
How many times do you want to engage your target audiences on selected platforms/channels?

IMPACT of campaign
How can you measure the performance of your TV campaigns specifically among target audiences? 

So, what is CONVEX?

To build effective media plans that can impact core customers, app based brands need to get accurate TV viewership data of their mobile app users. Furthermore, accurate analysis of TV campaign impact can only be done by mapping every TV ad exposure to user actions taken on the app. This provides highly actionable insights on the most effective ad spots. To solve both these challenges of media planning and measurement, we’ve launched ‘CONVEX’’.

Zapr’s Convex is the first product in the industry for app based brands to optimize media plans based on user’s TV consumption; monitor TV campaign performance at highly granular levels; and deterministically attribute app behaviour to TVC exposure.


Upto 20% savings in media spends by using actual app user’s TV viewership behaviour for media planning. 

Real-time optimization of integrated media spends granular TV campaign viewership insights. This can be used to complement BTL marketing in low TVC viewership cities. 

Get actionable insights from the previous campaign to plan the next brand TV campaign as per the app activity attribution.

Suffice to say, the best investment you can make this IPL, is Convex! We’ll be waiting for your call!

Zapr Media Labs
Zapr Media Labs
Latest resources on TV Advertising, Cross-media Marketing and Consumer Research.

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