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React Native Workshop at Zapr

With thousands of developers contributing, the Javascript community has recently bubbled up. This open-source programming script has evolved with numerous features and frameworks, to help developers solve complex problems in a more systematic and powerful manner. With Javascript evolving, React Native is one such framework which provides a one-stop solution to build cross-platform, maintainable, and easy to develop native mobile applications. This cross-platform compatibility attracts a lot of developers to use this framework more.

We (Vaibhav Gupta & Manmeet Singh Oberoi) at Zapr Media Labs, organized a workshop along with Javascript Meetup Community Bangalore Chapter, to help interested developers get on board with this amazing framework. The workshop focused on introducing React Native to developers, comparing the advantages/disadvantages of traditional Hybrid/Native/PWA mobile apps, and enabling them with a basic toolset and understanding to start playing with this framework.

The first part of this workshop involved a Youtube live streaming on March 28, 2018, explaining setup tools, the basics and prerequisites, to developers. This streaming helped the participants to come prepared for the workshop. The hands-on workshop was conducted on March 31, 2018. The whole workshop was split into two sessions. The first session focused on recapping and brushing up on React 15 & ES6 for React Native, while the second session was primarily over hands-on with the tech, to create a simple cross-platform mobile application from scratch. The session involved intensive code walkthroughs and active coding. Post the session, developers could exchange Q&As.

Overall, the workshop concluded on a very promising note of having more Javascript developers contributing to this open source community.

Watch the video here:

Zapr Media Labs
Zapr Media Labs
Latest resources on TV Advertising, Cross-media Marketing and Consumer Research.

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