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Optimize Your TV+Digital Advertising Spends with Zapr’s Smart Segments

One cannot deny that the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way people consume TV and digital media content drastically. During the same time, companies across various industries saw their advertising budgets minimized over the last year as well. This has led to marketing teams and ad agencies coming up with creative strategies to utilize their limited ad budget for optimizing their reach and conversion goals.  

The ads, even the really good ones, don’t really amount to much if they’re not targeted well. Some of the issues that companies face while strategizing integrated media campaigns including TV and digital is mainly the problem of duplicated reach and a lack of accurate TV viewership analytics. With a goal to solve this problem, Zapr has built a robust solution. 

Powered by massive TV viewership intelligence, Zapr’s Smart Segments have helped hundreds of brands (such as ) target ads to their specific TG. Before we dive into how that’s possible, here’s a brief overview of what exactly Smart Segments are.


Smart Segments are exclusive media consumption-based audiences that are easily accessible for digital advertising through data management platforms (DMP). 


Our segments are exclusive because of our unique audience profiling technology. By taking advantage of these segments, you can complement your TV campaigns by sharpening your digital ones. 


Why choose Zapr’s Smart Segments? 


1. The most deterministic audio-visual (AV) tool

Owing to the lack of TV ad exposure data for large-scale audiences, digital plans generally struggle to achieve brand objectives in a way that is well integrated with TV campaigns. Brands are increasingly busy finding the perfect balance between TV and digital (Facebook, Instagram, OTTplatforms, etc.) allocation in a bid to maximize their reach. 

Zapr is known to provide the most deterministic audio visual (AV) planning tool to help brands optimize TV and digital ads better. By measuring TV exposure, Zapr identifies and classifies audiences into various categories. You can then plug these data segments into your digital campaigns while benefiting from lower inventory rates via bulk deals with Google, Facebook, etc. 

Combining your TV campaigns with digital strategies not only helps you get unduplicated reach but also helps you achieve your overall media objectives. 


2. Wide range of unique audience segments

By using media consumption as a lens for TV viewers segmentation, Zapr provides brands with a wide range of specific audience segments. Some of such popular segments include: 


  • Parents with young kids 
  • Competition influenced audience
  • Affluent audience 

In addition to these, brands can also access niche behavioral segments such as frequent travelers, rural audiences, working professionals, sports enthusiasts, etc. 


3. TV-like campaigns with much lesser costs 


Using Smart Segments, you can reach the same audiences targeted by your competitors at a much lower cost, on platforms that are way more personalized. With the right TG in place, you can create a TV-like ad impact with digital campaigns. What’s more, Zapr segments help you ensure no spillage while ensuring maximum unique reach.

Lastly, our segments also enable you to reach audiences based on where they are in the brand communication funnel and their behavioral interests. 


Bottom line...


With limited advertising budgets, leveraging Zapr’s Smart Segments can go a long way in amplifying your reach and brand awareness without having to spend exorbitant amounts on ambiguous TV campaigns. 

Stay on top of your ad exposure data, on both TV and digital platforms with Zapr’s smart segments. 

If you’d like to know more, you can click here, or simply write to us at marketing@zapr.in 


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