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Measure the Impact of Your TV Campaigns on Digital Conversions With Zapr

Brands and marketers have long praised TV, as a medium, for the incredible reach that it offers. But until recently, advertisers were not aware of the user actions (conversions) that TV ads were driving. 

With proprietary audio recognition technology (ACR), Zapr has solved this problem. 

Brands can get now complete visibility over the performance and impact of their offline campaigns, with respect to digital conversions recorded on the app/website. 

By leveraging first-party data, brands (across verticals) can accurately track their users’ TV ad exposure and attribute it to their digital behaviors. Sounds fairly simple, but how exactly does this happen? 


TV-to-Digital Conversion Attribution

Accurately attributing digital conversions to TV campaigns can help brands get answers to important questions, such as: 

  • How many news users have installed your app after watching the TVC?
  • Which content has helped in driving installs, web visits, etc.?
  • Do users buy something after watching your TV ads?
  • How many users completed web registrations after watching your ad on TV?

Our Attribution Model Can Help You Improve Your Media Campaigns by Helping You:

  1. Effectively analyze the TV viewership data of your app users and plan your TV campaigns according to their content preferences.
  2. Identify the genres, TV channels, and time slots that drive the most results for you 
  3. Identify the TVC creatives that worked the best for you 

.4 Easily calculate the ROI on TV ads (across specific channels and shows) by gaining access to key metrics such as “rupees spent per install” 

  1. Comprehend the TV shows and channels that your app users watch regularly 
  2. Figure out the frequency of ads that initiated users to perform an action on your app or website. 

Check out this testimonial video in which Swiggy’s GM of Brand Marketing explains how Zapr’s attribution model helped them measure TVCs’ impact and plan much more efficient TV campaigns.


Attribution Metrics That You Can Access 

Through effective TV campaigns impact measurement, you can gain access to key insights pertaining to: 

  • Acquisition (visits, views, etc.)
  • Engagement (add to cart, form fills, etc.)
  • Conversions (installs, payment completions, etc.)   

To understand how this kind of attribution is executed and connected back to TV media planning, take a look at this case study with Cars 24


A FREE Resource for You!

Download this ebook about TV-to-Digital attribution to help you understand how Zapr executes TV ad attribution, and ultimately helps brands optimize their RoI on offline campaigns. 

If you’d like to learn more about our offerings, simply click on the “get in touch” button above or write to us at marketing@zapr.in 


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