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Launching Zapr Technology Blog

We, at Zapr Media Labs, are fanatic about technology. This company was started based on the  firm belief that with technology you can solve problems which otherwise would look invincible. While we were disrupting big media, broadcasting and advertising industry with our unique offerings, it was all our platforms and products built in the backdrop which enabled us to do so. In the last 6 years of our existence, we have learned lot of things while overcoming some of these novel challenges.


As our systems and organisation scaled, a lot of our initial decisions were proven wrong; many assumptions and myths were broken. Through all our challenges, we are grateful to have benefited from a lot of tech work in the public domain, in the form of open source, technology blogs, conferences and meetups etc. Hence it is our delight to open up about our own learnings in building disruptive, world-class technology over the years. So we have decided to start this new year by launching Zapr’s very own technology blog where we will talk about our tryst with various technologies,  enhancements, improvements, tweaks, hacks etc. which we have applied to overcome specific problems. We would also review and compare various technologies which we considered while building some of our cutting-edge products. We hope that these learnings would be helpful to our readers and directly applicable to their own domains.


Lastly, as we have grown tremendously across cities and countries, we would occasionally write about our learnings on scaling teams – focusing on how systems are scaled alongside a growing organisation. We will also explore ways to build the right culture for companies that are technology focused. We believe that these topics would be of interest to any emerging organisation, startups or innovation groups within an enterprise.

We’re excited to join hundreds of tech communities in this journey of learning, knowledge sharing and progress – things that we human beings are best suited for, don’t you think?  


Best wishes,

Siddharth Agarwal

VP – Engineering, Zapr Media Labs


Zapr Media Labs
Zapr Media Labs
Latest resources on TV Advertising, Cross-media Marketing and Consumer Research.

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