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Cord Shavers | Boost Brand Awareness Among Less Exposed TV Audiences

When a brand runs an ad campaign on TV, they want to reach their target audiences with the right frequency of exposure to make them aware and take action. However, lack of data on audience exposure has made it difficult to gauge the effectiveness of brand engagement. 

A major gap arises when people are less-than-optimally exposed to TV campaigns, due to reduced TV consumption, although they belong to the brand’s Target Group. Such audiences are called ‘Cord Shavers’ and the brand needs to follow up with digital engagement to build sufficient awareness for this group.

A cord shaver is someone who has considerably reduced their TV viewership and would be sub-optimally exposed to TV campaigns. They constitute about
35 million of the TV viewing universe.

They  constitute 35% - 45% of the entire TV viewing universe, as depicted in the image below:

Cord shavers need to be shown more ads at higher frequency to reach optimal levels of exposure that lead to significant brand lift. 

Optimal frequency of ad exposure is basically the “magic number” of times people have to watch a brand’s TV campaign for the highest brand lift (brand awareness, ad recall, consideration and purchase intent). 

The image below  depicts a typical media plan wherein there are unexposed and  underexposed/inattentive audiences who do not meet the required audience exposure threshold. These audiences require more frequency of exposure to get more “awareness”, whereas optimally exposed audiences require messaging to push them into “action”. 

For example, an e-commerce brand can customize their digital campaigns based on the different TVC exposure levels of their audiences. They can target unexposed and underexposed audiences on digital with higher frequency caps to increase awareness. 


Why target Cord Shavers?

The objective of targeting this segment is to bridge the branding gap for underexposed audiences and maximize brand footprint. The goals are to increase awareness and slowly push them towards more “action” by building enough frequency of exposure. 

For example, a brand which ran a TV campaign can find those who watched it very few times, and continue to engage them on digital. Additionally, this allows two-way engagement and lead generation among target audiences. 

A brand that wants to build maximum awareness for its TV campaign can use Zapr’s cord shavers segment to reach those who are less exposed to their ads. 


How to reach Cord Shavers:

Cord Shavers are one of Zapr’s group of Smart Segments which are available on Data Management Platforms (DMPs) such as DMPs. They are accessible as always-on segments that can be used anytime for any digital campaign! Additionally, we upload custom segments created based on client requirements.

The good news is, now you can seamlessly find TGs like Cord Shavers who are hard to reach and target them on digital platforms! 

By building more frequency on digital with Cord Shavers, brands can plug TV exposure gaps and increase brand lift among target audiences.

Suzanne Sangi
Suzanne Sangi
Suzanne is a writer, music lover and Cultural Studies enthusiast. She occasionally sneaks into the music corner to jam, and goes home to (try and) finish her second novel.

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