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Case Study: How PharmEasy Used TV Attribution Insights To Create An Efficient TV Plan

The pressing question for efficient TV media planning has always revolved around its impact - how can TV campaigns effectively reach consumers and target groups?

For brands that largely run their business on apps, this further narrows down to the impact of TV plans on app users. And the good is news, first party data on app users’ TV viewership is now available and highly deterministic. It is now possible to access app users’ TV consumption data (without any personally identifiable data) and TV campaign exposure, and then attribute it to actual actions taken on the app such as installs, purchases, etc.

This advanced model of attributing TV exposure to app usage allows app based brands to understand high impact ad spots and accordingly plan efficient, cost-effective TV campaigns.

A recent project done by a leading online brand demonstrates how attribution leads to highly effective TV campaigns:

PharmEasy, a major online pharmaceutical company, wanted to understand how their TV campaigns were impacting new user acquisition for the PharmEasy app.

Given that first party app data is highly exclusive, they came to Zapr with the challenge of mapping every new user to specific exposure of their TV ads. Using these insights, they further wanted to build a highly efficient TV plan for their target audiences.

Here are some key insights from the campaign:

Top 3 Best-performing TV channels and genres identified
~14% App installs attributed to a specific ad creative
~5% TVC reach driven by a regional channel with limited ad spots

Get your free copy of the PharmEasy case study here and dive deeper into more campaign details results.

If you’d like to explore similar campaigns for your brands, write to us at marketing@zapr.in.

Suzanne Sangi
Suzanne Sangi
Suzanne is a writer, music lover and Cultural Studies enthusiast. She occasionally sneaks into the music corner to jam, and goes home to (try and) finish her second novel.

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