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How TV-To-Mobile targeting works: UrbanClap gets TV ad viewers to download their app

At Zapr Media Labs our usual challenge is helping our clients achieve important marketing objectives, like capturing high share of mind among target groups. A recent challenge became even more interesting after adding a call-to-action which led to an impressive number of app installs in less than three weeks!

In a campaign with India’s leading services marketplace UrbanClap, we reached out to people who watched the brand’s ads the same time that they ran on broadcast TV. For example, if the ads ran on TV for the first two weeks of March, Zapr campaign ran parallel on mobile for the same two weeks of March. By doing this we made sure that large TV viewing audiences actually landed on the point of purchase - in this case the UrbanClap app where people buy services like home cleaning, yoga training, plumbing, electrical works, etc. all in the click of a button.

Why Zapr targeting?

Instead of running a campaign based on probabilistic targeting parameters, the brand used Zapr technology to precisely identify people who watched the brand’s ongoing TV campaign. By doing so we captured audiences with top-of-mind recall for UrbanClap; the same users were targeted with UrbanClap ads on their phones via YouTube.  

The campaign reached out to more than one lakh smartphone users in India and delivered CTRs 35% higher than client expectations. On further analysis of campaign performance, we found interesting insights on how people engaged differently on weekdays and weekends. Response metrics also changed across different age groups and gender, revealing valuable insights on ideal audiences for future brand engagement campaigns.


To identify and engage individuals with highest top-of-mind recall for the client’s ongoing TV ad campaign. Our challenge was to target just these users and get them to install the UrbanClap app.

The challenge was a three-step process:

  • Find specific smartphone users who recently watched the client’s ongoing TV campaign; claim top-of-mind recall for the brand
  • Show the same users UrbanClap ads on their mobiles with app install options
  • Monitor the campaign throughout run-time; ensure precise targeting and optimized ad exchange


To claim top-of-mind and directly lead users to the app, our campaign targeted UrbanClap TVC viewers at the same time the ads aired on offline broadcast TV.

We targeted the brand’s TV ad viewers on their mobile phones through Youtube and added an important Call-To-Action allowing users to install the app while viewing the ad on their phones. This made it possible for users to immediately engage with the brand on exposure and directly enter the point of purchase.

urbanclap funnel.png

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Across our growing base of over 40 million smartphone users in India, we located devices of individuals who watched UrbanClap’s ongoing ad campaign on offline TV. These identified users were targeted with the same ad creative on Youtube with the client’s desired frequency caps for effective brand exposure.

Creative: Video

Campaign duration: 17 days

Platform: YouTube (Filtered by Targeted IDs supplied by Zapr Platform)

Throughout the campaign, we closely monitored flow of resources on our ad exchange networks and ensured precise engagement with targeted IDs.

We meticulously profiled key performance metrics like Click-Through-Rates, Video-Through-Rates, geographical distribution of audiences, weekday-weekend splits, and campaign impact across different age groups and gender.  

(Marketers can reach out to us at hello@zapr.in to deliver similar campaign objectives)


Using Zapr’s offline-to-online campaign, the brand engaged with more than 1 lakh TV campaign viewers and acquired new app users in less than 3 weeks. The campaign delivered Click-Through-Rates 35% higher than client expectations, while an average of 26% of targeted users watched the complete video on their mobile phones (Video-Through-Rates).

Identify viewers of UrbanClap ads on broadcast TV across 40+ million smartphone users (2).png

We analyzed the campaign performance for different audience groups and across different time stamps. Results reveal difference in CTRs for different gender groups, and overall campaign impact over weekdays and weekends.

urbanclap CTR comparison.png

The campaign performed 13% higher on weekends compared to weekdays suggesting that UrbanClap services are higher in demand on off-work days. Interestingly we also found that female audiences delivered 5% higher CTRs compared to male audiences, perhaps owing to the relatability factor of the ad creative which features a woman actively using the app.


Zapr campaigns are effective because we precisely target users with top-of-mind recall via unique TV-to-Mobile technology. Add to this a powerful call-to-action and brands can truly engage with users, leading all the way to the actual point of purchase (app installs).

Check out all our case studies here and learn more about Zapr’s technology offerings at www.zapr.in.

Zapr Media Labs
Zapr Media Labs
Latest resources on TV Advertising, Cross-media Marketing and Consumer Research.

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