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How Dell bridged offline TV with targeted engagement on Mobile

With traditional offline television still being the largest consumed media in India, marketers have huge opportunities of tapping into audience segments spread across India’s vast TV viewing population. These segments could be as large as viewers of all English content on TV, or they could be very niche like people who watch a particular futuristic, sci-fi show on an HD channel. The challenge for marketers is to identify them precisely and engage on the most effective platforms.

At Zapr Media Labs we aim to completely disrupt and change mobile user engagement. With our meticulous profiling of interest-based audiences, brands like Dell now have access to the TV consumption patterns of 40+ million Indian smartphone users. Big data powers the previously impossible task of translating India’s largest offline consumption into targeted engagement online. The use cases for this device-level analytics are numerous, and the results impactful.

Our latest campaign with Dell India was one such execution which effectively complemented the brand’s 360 degree marketing plan for India’s biggest festive seasons. Using Zapr’s unique TV viewer targeting, the brand saw phenomenal engagement with CTRs as high as 5.16% across 1.2 million people. Read Lighthouse Insight’s complete case study of the Dell campaign which effectively integrated Zapr targeting with their marketing strategy.


To deliver the campaigns to different segments of smartphone users who match the brand’s target group requirements via deterministic targeting.

The brand wanted to market two different product classes: two mid-range laptops, and one premium. Our challenge was to identify specific target groups most likely to be interested in these categories, and design targeting strategies that would effectively engage the two segments.

  1. For 2 mid-range SKUs, the brand wanted to engage with the youth audience in India offering a special price.
  2. For the premium SKU, Dell wanted to reach out to audiences likely to purchase premium technology.


With these needs in mind, we identified smartphone users according to particular shows they watch on television. The shows were representative of the audience categories the brand wanted to reach. We also identified target groups using socio-economic indicators like the mobile handsets they own.

For the medium SKUs, we targeted audiences who consume youth-centric content and music shows on channels like MTV and V channel, people who watched popular sport leagues like IPL and UEFA on TV. To drive actual consumption of the brand’s products, these audiences were offered special prices in the course of the ad campaigns. We wanted to maximize the brand’s share of mind compared to other industry players, so we targeted viewers of competitor ads aired on TV during the same time as the Dell campaign.

For the premium laptop, we wanted to reach out to audiences predisposed to buying premium products. So we identified people who own high-end phones, people who watch Travel and Lifestyle channels like NDTV Good Times and TLC - content which drives high standard of living, those who watch English movies, and a futuristic show on an HD English channel paying higher subscription chargers compared to SD channels.


Artboard 1 (3).jpg

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We identified these target groups across ZAPR’s TV viewership repository comprised of more than 40 million smartphone users in India.

Creatives: Banners and Interstitials.

Campaign Duration: 2 Months

We executed the campaign via Zapr’s programmatic network of ad exchanges spanning across hundreds of publishers and top apps. The audiences were then exposed to the campaign banners and interstitial ad units on mobile which directly led to a landing page where customers can make a purchase.

Throughout the campaign, our operations team closely monitored the performance of each ad unit across multiple exchange networks to deliver the most optimized flow of resources among target groups.


The medium SKUs reached more than 700,000 people with 2.7% CTRs to the landing page. The premium SKU reached above 500,000 unique smartphone users belonging to the brand’s target groups, seeing CTRs as high as 3.8%.


Among premium target groups, the smallest segment of individuals who watched a single English show in HD delivered the highest CTR. This was followed by English movie channel viewers, then premium phone owners and lastly those who watched Travel and Lifestyle channels.  


Our results show that niche TV audiences can be retargeted on Mobile and have high potential for engagement. Using Zapr analytics, brands are now equipped with technology that can identify offline preferences of their target consumers and precisely engage with them online. In this way, Zapr’s cutting edge solutions complement big budget campaigns and help brands to truly drive higher share of mind among target groups.



Zapr Media Labs
Zapr Media Labs
Latest resources on TV Advertising, Cross-media Marketing and Consumer Research.

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