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Global protein supplement brand engages with 58% of targeted TV viewers on Zapr Audience Network

At Zapr Media Labs, we are constantly exploring advanced targeting parameters to engage with a vast spectrum of niche audiences.

We recently solved an interesting tactical challenge for our new client, a major global protein supplement brand. The brand’s strategy called for targeted communication  to reach out to premium audiences with affinity for content across the brand’s target groups.

Zapr identified multiple audience segments that matched the Campaign’s ideal audience: from those who watch sports content on television and specific English channels such as Living Foodz, to health and nutrition groups on Facebook.

The subsequent cross-platform targeting resulted in response rates much higher than industry standards.


Across the spectrum of niche audiences the brand wanted to reach out to - specific sport viewers, channel viewers and interest groups, our challenge was to identify specific smartphone users who belong to these groups and target them on mobile.

To meet this objective, we designed a consumption based strategy which would help them capture top-of-mind recall among target groups.

The Zapr Approach:

Premium Audiences:

Across 30 Millions+ profiled users on the Zapr Audience Platform, we mapped out English content and English HD Channel viewers who fit into the premium audience segment desired by the brand. South Indian regional channels were also targeted specifically, owing to the large consumption of English content in these regions. We also targeted only WiFi users for HD video ads via Facebook’s ad serving platform.

Interest Based Targeting:

Keeping in line with the brand's product, we identified segments of audiences who would have high affinity towards physical fitness related content: using Zapr’s TV targeting, we reached out to people who watch sports on television. We also engaged with individuals subscribed to fitness groups on Facebook.

Competitor TV Re-targeting:

In order to maximize brand's share-of-mind among target groups, we also reached out to audiences who had watched competitor ads on television.


With our ability to target TV audiences on their smartphones, Zapr engaged with these identified audience segments:

  1. People who watched IPL 2016 and the Rio Olympics 2016 on TV
  2. People who watched Competitor ads but not the Client’s TVCs
  3. People who watch English movies and English HD content on television
  4. People subscribed to Heath and Nutrition Groups on Facebook and accessing internet via WiFi  

The campaign was executed via native advertising on the Facebook Newsfeed of targeted individuals.

Furthermore, multiple creatives were used to enhance engagement rates among different target groups.

Creative: Video

Duration: 38 Days

Platform: Facebook


Zapr Media Labs helped brand achieve their Campaign Objectives among targeted groups, further layered by age data.

Our TV-to-mobile delivery maximized share-of-mind as seen by the performance metrics below:

case study - protinex.jpg

The campaign received a whopping 58% Video Open Rate (Video Impressions to Views) - which means that more than half of the targeted users clicked on the video and started watching the creatives. In line with campaign goals, our data revealed that males between the age of 25 to 34 elicited the highest response for the health food product - 2.1 Million impressions to this TG out of 6 Million total ad impressions. This target group clearly possesses the highest affinity towards the brand’s health product.

Coupled with Zapr’s smartphone driven platform, the ad campaign received an impressive Video Start-to-Completion Ratio of 10.3% among all targeted groups in the campaign.


Zapr Media Labs
Zapr Media Labs
Latest resources on TV Advertising, Cross-media Marketing and Consumer Research.

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