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CarDekho Removes Reach Duplication and Targets Its App Users on TV

Not that long ago, brands were faced with the pressing challenge of not being able to measure the effectiveness of their TV ad campaigns. While advanced technology helped them monitor the performance of various digital campaigns, they were left in the dark about the impact of their offline (TV) media plans.


This is especially true for app-based businesses. While brands are aware of their app users’ activity online, they are unaware of their audiences’ TV viewing habits. Getting accurate insights on what their app users watch on TV not only helps them understand the audience better, but also helps in better targeting of ads and the effectiveness of these ads in real life. 

To enable this, Zapr provides brands and broadcasters with highly granular TV viewership data that helps companies fill the gap between their online and offline media campaigns. We leverage our proprietary audio content recognition (ACR) tech to achieve this. After all, in this digitally connected world, data is the key to better ROI


CarDekho, a leading automotive marketplace, teamed up with Zapr to understand the TV consumption patterns and preferences of their app users. The brand was looking to remove any duplication in its TV media plan while reducing its advertising costs. 

The car buying and selling platform sought to understand the best TV channels and time slots to air their ads during the COVID pandemic lockdown. 


A quick glance into the results: 


  • Zapr helped CarDekho recognize two TV channels and the best time slots to bolster the effectiveness of their campaigns. 
  • CarDekho re-allocated its ads across Primetime and Non-Primetime slots from a 60:40 PT: NPT split to 50:50. 
  • For a major Hindi GEC channel, the brand brought down the primetime spend from 60% to 40%, thereby saving advertising spends. 

Interested to know more? Download the case study to understand in detail the objective of CarDekho, the data-backed insights that were shared with them, and the campaign results. 

If you have any queries, please write to us at marketing@zapr.in 

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