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Broadcasters: Gear Up for Comeback Seasons & New Launches by Engaging TV Viewers on Mobile


With COVID-19 lockdowns relaxing across India and the festive season being right around the corner, TV broadcasters are now gearing up for their new launches and comeback shows. During exciting and busy times like these, it’s of utmost importance for broadcasters to ensure maximum engagement with their channel viewers. But...how?

Up until recently, broadcasters in India did not have access to accurate, real-time TV viewership data. They were not aware of the TV viewership habits and demographic details of their TG. It was not possible for them to interact with their TV audiences on mobile and other digital devices. But now, Zapr’s proprietary ACR technology has enabled automatic detection of TV viewership among individual consumers at a nearly 100% accuracy rate. 

Thanks to this advanced TV intelligence, broadcasters can now get insights that were previously not available to them. You can now engage with custom TV audiences on their phones based on consumption habits. 

This festive season, ensure your viewers remain hooked to your channel by targeting the right audiences. Here’s how: 

Retain your loyalists  

Zapr can help you target regular viewers of a TV show or a particular channel with promos (on mobile) to keep them engaged. Check out how Sony got 3,00,000 people to tune into its ‘Super Dancer’ on TV after engaging with its TG on mobile!


Win back the viewers who lapsed 

Identify people who stopped watching a show or channel and target them with enticing promos. These viewers, also known as “dropouts” can be identified and profiled demographically (age, gender), and also by affluence levels based on the kind of phones they use (low, mid, or high priced devices)


Target competition-influenced audiences 

Broadcasters can acquire new viewers by targeting the promos (of a show or a special event) to audiences watching your competitor channels on their mobile. They also target these promos to viewers watching competitor shows of the same genre. 


Target specific time-slot viewers 

Thanks to Zapr’s cutting-edge tech, you can now easily target audiences who are regularly watching TV at certain time slots. For instance, you can promote a new show/event of yours airing at 8 PM by targeting the promo of your show to viewers currently watching competitor shows at 8 PM. 


Engage with genre viewers 

Through Zapr, broadcasters can also execute genre-based targeting. For example, a Hindi GEC channel could easily target viewers of all Hindi GEC channels. The channel can also, for instance, promote an upcoming reality show to TV viewers who watch reality shows regularly. The targeting is done on the TG’s mobile devices. 


What else can Zapr offer you? 

Our ACR tech has enabled numerous broadcasters (across states and languages) to learn what’s working for them and what’s not. Here’s how: 

  • Track and measure how certain content (any TV show, promo, or event) has performed on your channel across different time-slots, on weekdays and weekends. Compare these metrics against competitor channels and shows. See how a popular Hindi GEC channel subscribed to Zapr’s TV viewership analytics platform and received daily reports on their channel’s performance as well as their competitor’s for every half hour during the day.

  • Easily identify towns/cities which had lower reach compared to competitors. We’re able to measure this by evaluating the preferred time slots when people tune into the TV along with an analysis of how they switch channels. This helps broadcasters to learn about their audiences and identify content that works better. 

Check out this collection of case studies exploring how Zapr has helped various popular channels measure content performance and execute TV-to-mobile targeting.

In addition to these, Zapr also helps broadcasters measure conversions and strengthen niche channels’ value proposition for advertisers. 

Our ACR tech offers endless opportunities for broadcasters to learn more about their audiences and their preferences better. 

If you're interested to know more, please write to us at marketing@zapr.in


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