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What Advertisers can learn from Brands that made Big TV events Bigger

Marketers have plenty to look forward to this new year - national elections are right around the corner; the much awaited Indian Premier League, followed immediately by the Cricket World Cup. Advertising on TV during these big events definitely means massive reach and higher visibility for brands. But does it guarantee real impact among target audiences?

Here are some ways in which advertisers can not only strike when the iron is hot, but smelt solid results:


1. Placing ads on high impact channels and time slots

A crucial aspect of planning for TV campaigns is deciding WHERE to put your ads. Media planners usually pick channels that largely represent their target segments. For example, if an advertiser wants to reach users of a particular brand for young people, they might choose to advertise on music channels. But this still does not guarantee that target audiences are watching.

The solution lies in advanced media research where brand users are first identified through mobile surveys. Their TV consumption is then profiled to identify the most accurate channels and time-slots they are guaranteed to watch.


Recently, a healthcare brand wanted to sharpen their TV campaign to reach only their product users in a particular city. A mobile survey was rolled out to determine this target group, and their TV viewership patterns were analyzed.

Together we created an optimized TV advertising plan which included high impact shows and channels where identified brand users tuned in frequently or spent more time watching. Within a month, the brand got 15% higher sales in the same priority market! 


2. Integrating TV and Digital

When brands spend crores on TV campaigns during big events, they also need to ensure maximum impact. By spending a few extra bucks, brands can complement their TV ads with precise second-screen marketing and reap real ROIs.

There are three ways to achieve synergic results by integrating TV and digital:

> Create virtual point-of-sale for ongoing TV campaigns: Brands can now turn one-way TV campaigns into two-way mobile engagement where people can immediately proceed to buy. A major vacation ownership brand worked worked with us to sync their TV campaigns with powerful call-to-actions on Mobile. As a result, 1 out 5 targeted users visited the brand’s website to make bookings. Ultimately, the brand garnered highest revenue since 2016 post the cross-screen campaign! (Interested to know more? Watch the case video here.)

> Build top-of-mind recall by increasing frequency of brand exposure: You can now ensure that TV viewers remember your ads enough to do something about them. We helped a health insurance brand precisely identify people who watched their TV commercials, and reached out to them again on their mobiles. This increased exposure led to 2.3x higher brand recall and generated 41% higher prospects. (Download the full case study here.)

> Reach those who missed your TV ads: What about those intended audiences who never got to see your commercials during the big days?

Cover the loopholes by identifying those among your target segments who missed your TV ads, and then engage with them directly on mobile. A leading laptop OEM brand partnered with us to reach youth segments who had missed their TV ads. The mobile campaign hit 430k+ incremental reach among unique individuals who had never seen their ads, and helped the brand save 80-90% their digital budgets.


3. How about a TV ad campaign. But on Mobile.

Confused? We’ll help you understand.

Whether you’re facing a budget crunch or slots have been sold out, you may not be advertising on TV during big events. Or maybe you simply can’t decide if TV is the right platform for your brand.

A major automobile brand wanted to reach people watching IPL live on TV, but since their no.1 competitor was a major sponsor, they decided to stay away from advertising on TV. Instead, they used our cross-screen targeting platform to reach IPL audiences straight on their mobiles. Their ads reached 1 million viewers - more than 80% of those who started the videos watched it till the end!

To explore each of these offerings and more, drop us an email on marketing@zapr.in and we’ll get in touch with you!

Suzanne Sangi
Suzanne Sangi
Suzanne is a writer, music lover and Cultural Studies enthusiast. She occasionally sneaks into the music corner to jam, and goes home to (try and) finish her second novel.

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