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5 New Audience Segments You Need To Target Digitally in 2021

Advertising isn’t cheap, it costs! The only way to make sure it’s worth it, is to make sure you precisely engage your target audience. Especially, when you want to use an integrated advertising approach for higher efficiency of your digital campaigns. 

Here’s how you can engage digital audiences that are profiled based on their consumption of offline media - specifically, television, which has the largest viewership across media platforms, by leveraging advanced TV viewership intelligence. 

Zapr’s audience profiles, called “smart segments”, are created using media as a lens. With this method, Zapr is able to provide TV-based audience segments accurately at a massive scale. Smart segments add intelligence to your digital plans and help you spend smartly. The result is accurate targeting which leads to better ROIs.

Introducing 5 new smart segments you can advertise to:

Hardcore Gamers
Hardcore Gamers: Audiences who spend a considerable amount of time playing action strategy adventure games like PUBG, Free Fire etc.

Casual GamersCasual Gamers: These are audiences who tend to invest their time in casual games, that include, board games like Ludo, Words with Friends, etc

Beautification App UsersBeautification App Users: Audiences who use face filter apps like YouCam Perfect, FaceSwap etc

Higher Studies App UsersHigher Study App Users: These are audiences who use higher study preparation apps for JEE, NEET exams, etc 

Gym-Fitness App UsersGym/Fitness App Users: Audiences who use fitness apps for online workouts, help with diet and nutrition, workout regimen, etc


These are just a few among the plethora of smart segments you can identify and target via DMPs like Lotame, which provide a quick plug-n-play feature for brands.

To learn more about Smart Segments and how it can boost your marketing plans and save costs, download the e-book here. If you have any questions, get them immediately answered by reaching out to us at marketing@zapr.in


Zapr Media Labs
Zapr Media Labs
Latest resources on TV Advertising, Cross-media Marketing and Consumer Research.

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