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4 Effective Ways To Win Your TV Channel Viewers Back Once the IPL Ends

As the much-awaited season of the Indian Premier League (IPL) finally comes to an end, TV broadcasters are now gearing up their efforts to win back audiences who migrated away from their channels. 

Given the ongoing festive season rush, this task might be easier said than done. However, with the help of accurate TV viewership insights about your audiences, you can learn more about your viewers’ content preferences and how to win them back effectively. 

TV Viewership: Are you keeping up with the changing trends?

The technology behind the distribution of television content has evolved with time, and so have people’s TV viewership habits. It is of utmost importance for broadcasters to keep up with these changing trends and habits in order to stay relevant and profitable. 

Zapr’s audio content recognition (ACR) tech provides accurate, real-time TV viewership insights to help broadcasters understand who their audiences are and what their content (online and offline) preferences are. 

So here are 4 ways in which you can effectively win your channel viewers as IPL comes to an end. 

1. Identify and engage  audiences who have migrated to watch IPL

Accurately identify audiences that stopped watching your shows once IPL started using precise TV viewership intelligence. This can be done by studying the IPL viewership behavior of your channel viewers at a granular individual level. 

Once you identify the audiences, the next step is to engage with them on their mobiles (Facebook, Youtube, and programmatic). You can target these individuals with promos of the shows from which they dropped out or might be interested in watching.

Engaging your TG on digital platforms can help you retain (and grow) your TV viewership in no time! Check out how 300,000 people tuned into Sony ‘Super Dancer’ on TV after engaging on Mobile.

2. Acquire new channel viewers with real-time audience engagement

A great way to acquire new viewers is by engaging active TV viewers who belong to your TG and get them to tune into your channel. For example, you can target all viewers of “true crime” genre who watch other channels and bring them onto your shows. 

This kind of engagement creates excitement and makes people switch to your channel, directly impacting your viewership and TRPs. 

3. Maintain loyalty among existing audiences

To maintain loyalty for existing TV viewers, broadcasters can target channel viewers who have not watched their TV promos, directly on their phones. They can also increase the frequency of exposure for those who already watched the promos, by showing it to them a few more times. This ensures that their content titles stay fresh in people’s minds, and increases the chances of them tuning in.

4. Win back audiences who are watching your competitor channels and shows 

With Zapr, you can easily identify the towns, cities, and states which had a lower reach compared to competitors during IPL. You can then improve content or change program time-slots to increase viewership in these geo markets. 

You also engage with audiences watching your competitor’s channels on their mobile phones to show them what they’re missing out on. 

There is an ocean of TV viewership data that you can tap into to understand your audiences and grow viewership. Not only can these insights help you make data-backed decisions, but also help you increase Lifetime Customer Value (LCV) and optimize RoI. 

Take a look at how we helped these 40+ broadcasters engage with their target audiences digitally and increase viewership. 

If you’re interested to know more, simply click on the ‘get in touch’ button on top, and we will get back to you shortly. 

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