Believing in yourself is not a religion….It’s a way of life!” – Buddha. A new prime time watch -‘Buddha‘ on Zee Tv, rightly portrays this simplistic yet deep teaching of Gautam Buddha. Only six episodes old, the show has garnered a lot of interest and it appears that viewers love it. The Twitter and Facebook pages have been inundated with praises about the show, the costumes, the characterization and the lavish sets. This Zee TV’s historical magnum opus – ‘Buddha’ – aims to retell the story of Prince Siddhartha who renounced a life of luxury and comfort, searching for the answers to the sorrows of life. We all have read about him at one point or the other. Nevertheless, to watch him on TV and get an insight into the reasons why and how he woke up to the Ultimate Truth under the Bodhi tree would be something most of us would look forward to every Sunday.

Bhoot Aaya

Horror has a new name-‘Bhoot Aaya‘. The premier episode of this new horror series did good justice to the pre-air hype built around this supernatural drama, and has consequently also raised everyone’s curiosity for the next episode, which will be telecast on Sony this following Sunday. The show has dramatised accounts of real life experiences of people who have encountered supernatural elements, further interspersed with inputs from the real victims themselves as well as experts from the Indian Paranormal Society. If disappearing acts, creepy music and scary stories don’t deter and unnerve you, then ‘Bhoot Aaya’ is your destination for some late night thrill.
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