After watching the Koffee with Karan episode hosting Anushka Sharma and Anurag Kashyap, I have to say,” I missed veracity and even entertainment to be honest”.  There was Anushka Sharma, trying so hard to be politically correct that the couch has officially been named the ‘denial couch’. Karan could not really move on from ‘Virat Kohli’, probably because that was the only sellable factor. Anushka looked nervous and lost to make sense at times and to an extent that Karan had to ask her if she was alright.

There was revelation about Anurag’s transformation from being a staunch idealistic art film maker to an acceptor of commercial cinema for the reasons of economic viability. Also he spoke about his deemed separation and his love for Kalki. I am rooting for the guy as there was evident truth and resentment in him.

Rapid Fire round saw some clever answers from Anurag but all in all not fiery enough. Sadly the maximum entertainment was given by Anushka’s rumored lip job than anything else. Let’s hope for a better future for the show and hence the audience.

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