81b83c8eafedbdc1e3cb25cc9ffde4dcEven when Kapil Sharma is not a host, his presence is enough for generous smiles.The Anupam Kher show was no different. It had light hearted gags and leg pulling between two comedians. But this show tends to pull emotional strings as it dwells into personal lives and struggles of stars.

Humility makes a true star. Kapil will score full points in that regard. Rags to riches makes for good stories but you inspire when you are grounded.The comedian misses his father who was a jolly fellow even as a cancer patient and dedicates his success to his mother, who has her own comic timing.

Anupam Kher brings his acting school to the show and Kapil is supposed to be all sentimental.But you all can guess how that turned out. Also, he did some singing and some making fun of singers.But, this man can sing as well as he can do stand-up comedy and I am not joking when I say that.The irony is that, he tears up as quickly as he makes people laugh.

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