Golden Globes 2018, one of the biggest Hollywood nights, was simulcast live on Colors Infinity, VH1 and Comedy Central at 7:30 AM with a prime time repeat at 9:00 PM. At Zapr, we analysed the show’s reach across three channels, and despite India’s majority Hindi language market, the show garnered a reach of 9,72,000+ audiences! Our smartphone powered technology surveyed 60+ million smartphone users across viewership of both live and prime time repeat telecasts of the Golden Globes; 72% of the total Golden Globes viewers tuned in for the repeat telecast slot (9:00 PM).

From viewership share to affluent audiences, Zapr analysed it all. Let’s look at the details below:

Live telecasts at 7:30 AM – 72% Golden Globes audiences tune in for 9 PM repeat telecasts

The biggest Hollywood night, telecast LIVE in India at 7:30 AM collides with morning chores and office timings, immensely reducing the viewership share. The prime time repeat telecast at 9:00 PM witnessed a viewership share spike of 72% (among total Golden Globe viewers) owing to preferred and comfortable show timing.

golden globes reach

VH1’s 5th year airing LIVE Golden Globes: Garners 48% viewership share  

With the channel’s aim set to bring the best of English content, VH1 aired Golden Globes Live for the fifth time garnering 48% viewership share among the three channels (Colors Infinity, Comedy Central and VH1).  With a total viewership share of 38%, VH1 retained its audiences despite big contenders like Colors Infinity and Comedy Central!

viewership share across channels

Golden Globes audiences couldn’t get enough: Live audiences return for the Primetime repeat!

It is interesting to note that a significant portion of viewers who watched the LIVE telecast, came back to watch the primetime repeat! Comedy Central witnessed 15% audience overlap between LIVE and repeat viewers, while Colors Infinity and VH1 had 8% repeat viewers. Marketers can dig deeper into Zapr data to find specific individuals who dropped off during the Live telecast and came back during prime time. Furthermore, these viewers could be immediately engaged on their mobiles to tune in for the repeat telecast on TV!

golden globes audience overlap

Urban audiences glued to the star studded event: 79% urban audience share

We combined our smartphone-mapping technology with TV analytics to understand viewership across urban and rural audiences. Golden Globes 2018 garnered 79% urban audience share showcasing a higher skew towards the urban English language market. This analysis helps media planners gauge geo – markets at an individual level and determine specific socio – cultural regions.

golden globes urban rural viewership

Golden Globes 2018 garners 15% affluent audiences

To analyse purchase power of the Golden Globes viewers, we looked into the kind of handsets used by them. Results reveal that 66% of Golden Globes viewers possess mid to premium phones priced INR 7K+ – 15% of the audiences owned premium smartphones while a significant audience share of 41% owned mid-end smartphones. This analysis showcases the above average and average purchase power which corroborates the large skew towards urban viewers who can afford Non-Free To Air channels (paid channels): Colors Infinity, Comedy Central and VH1 fall under this category, still to be accessed by many rural TV audiences.

Despite India’s majority Hindi language market, 75th Golden Globes reached 972K+ audiences with 72% audiences tuning in for primetime repeat telecasts. With 79% urban viewers who watch non-FTA channels (paid channels) and 66% audiences owning mid-high end smartphones, Golden Globes 2018 acclaims highly affluent audiences making it a perfect platform for brands and marketers to reach these audience segments.

Zapr’s TV-to-Mobile technology analyses TV audiences across 650+ channels and can provide insights at highly granular levels that help brands and marketers identify specific geographical regions of television audiences.

Marketers can engage viewers of Golden Globes and other big awards on TV, target promos and commercials to unique users using Zapr’s TV-to-Mobile platform. Reach out to us directly on for your next media plan!

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