Castle is a detective series with a cliché love story between Kate, a gritty detective with a troubled past, and Castle, a crime novelist who is her knight in shining. They bicker over petty things but also finish each other’s sentences. Their chemistry speaks of a future romance in a very obvious way since season 1. But the heroine is emotionally guarded and the hero is slowly breaking out of the playboy shell he lives in but is perfect in any other which way. So how did it manage a run of five seasons? Not because of the customary crimes they inevitably solve in every episode but for the audience rooting for this lovelorn couple. They finally decided to face their feelings in Season 4. Today is another stepping stone for the show; because the proposal is going to take place on the swing set that the followers would remember. And this obvious story does not have an obvious climax as Kate has to choose between a job in DC and Castle. There is no need to make guesses as the season finale is airing tonight on Star World at 11.

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