Sherlock - Season 3Yes, Sherlock lives. And that’s not the only reason to get excited. The released official synopsis for “The Empty Hearse” reveals the first episode of the new season which will be set two years after the end of season two, and will find Sherlock returning to a John Watson, who has moved on and may no longer be interested in a life as the sleuth’s sidekick. The second season of Sherlock ended earlier this year with the assumed death of Benedict Cumberbatch’s lead character. Sherlock Holmes fell from the roof of St Bart’s Hospital and was laid to rest with a tombstone in the closing episode “The Reichenbach Fall”. It still remains to be seen how he managed to escape from the fall, since Sherlock creators Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss have kept the plot a secret. Well one can say “mystery would only get deeper” when the first episode of Sherlock’s new series is aired.

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