Karan Johar has been asking everyone on his show, “Who do you think has a better future-Alia or Parineeti?” and how can media excuse such an opportunity to create a controversy or rather a cat fight between the two contemporaries who can apparently never be cordial. So on popular demand, both shared the couch and without any hesitation indeed.

If we saw Highway, Alia can act but off screen though candid, she is tactless and Parineeti on the other hand has a fresh story but she is unduly star struck. Parineeti has assigned Alia Bhatt as her stylist post the latter’s comment about her unruly fashion sense. I am not sure if it was the best decision.

Only entertainment in this episode was around Alia’s general knowledge. She did her homework and remembered all chief ministers but Karan was smart and kept the ministers away from the coffee quiz and Alia sat there dumb struck. Also she wonders how Parineeti got such an easy command over Hindi, because she faces trouble there!! Parineeti’s heavy dramatics during the rapid fire and quiz rounds was a tad irritating rather than lively or cute.

It was a flavorless episode especially with so many insinuations about the two guests. “Koffee uncle” as a kid in Karan’s neighborhood calls him, needs to use masala chai on his show as the coffee is not doing it anymore.
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