ImageOne word that describes both father and daughter is ‘self-obsessed’ but there is a difference, Anil Kapoor will make you laugh and Sonam Kapoor is on the borderline of narcissism. When you think of Sonam Kapoor, what word comes to your mind? Not actor but a fashion diva and it is not a media perception but a bare truth. But she believes that, she is a good performer and is good looking and hence is on a wholesome path to stardom. We needed someone to pop that bubble for her because the film critics have never done that. She has a theory about the industry and I quote, “If you are not good looking, you are a good actor and loud acting is rubbish” and I have a theory that she can’t get out of her sophisticated character even when she is a village belle, hence does not get the concept of loud acting or acting at all. Also she refutes the concept of art cinema. Judge yourself. Period

A vision that was communicated in the show was Sonam Kapoor in the parliament. And as Karan rightly said,” What would you be? Minister of Fashion”. She has become a social commentator and wants to do a lot of social work, yes in huge quantity.

Anil Kapoor feels and wants to be treated young and happening. He cracked me up at whatever few lines he could utter in front of the verbose daughter. His wife has had a role in keeping the entire family in check and he is petrified of her. He is the coolest dad and plays the good cop. He does not remember her boyfriends as he knows that she is not serious and I agree because how one can take her seriously!!

Arjun Kapoor talked about both of them and he summed up their personalities in a hilarious way in three minutes and this part was definitely the highlight of the show.

This show will make you laugh and I suggest a drinking game, take a shot every time Sonam Kapoor says “You know what I mean” and “Rubbish” and I guarantee that everyone playing will be sloshed.
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