Anything related to Cricket & Bollywood puts us Indians through a rush. Also, we love watching television don’t we? With an event like IPL, in which we get our dose of both, we never manage to disappoint.

The showdown managed to attract 45 million viewers! And the time spent by a viewer on an average was 11.9 Mins.

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The key highlights from this event, like the grand entry made by Honey Singh after his long break managed to attract 20.8 Million viewers. Ranveer Singh making a unique entry in a cricket kit & the ‘Champion’ dance along with DJ Bravo & rest of the performers was witnessed by 20 Million viewers.
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On the geographical front, the event was most watched in Maharashtra as it held a share of 13% across all states, followed by Uttar Pradesh, Gujrat, West Bengal & Tamil Nadu.


Interestingly, the highest average time was spent by viewers in Goa, which was 13.6 Mins!

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