4.1 million TV viewers in India watched Dipa Karmakar make history as one of the only five women in the world to have successfully landed the Produnova, more formidably known as the “Vault of Death”.

14.7% of the viewers who had watched hockey earlier in the same day had come back to watch Dipa Karmakar compete at the women’s gymnastics finals. Within a short span of 15 minutes, the finals experienced a rise from 1.8 million to 2.3 million viewers in India – leading to the peak when the Indian gymnast finished fourth with a minuscule gap of 0.15 points short of the bronze medal.

The telecast of the finals received higher viewership among urban audiences compared to viewers in rural areas. Here’s a look at the viewership numbers and trends during Dipa Karmakar’s final match at the Rio 2016 Olympics:


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