ImageWe have had crime reality shows like Crime Patrol, Savdhan India and Gumrah. Did they serve the purpose of spreading awareness or entertain the audience at the cost of creating paranoia due to the absurdness of the crimes? This is a debatable issue. But Channel V in its new avatar has launched some refreshing shows. And it is all set to explore this genre.

The show is called ‘Heroes’. If you do not know, seven out of ten women in India are sexually harassed but a more shocking number is of how many of them actually speak out and fight for closure. P. B. Shelley said, “It is not a merit to tolerate, but rather a crime to be intolerant”. This show will tell us the stories of those who did not silently suffer but came out. They are not victims but actually heroes and that is why the title of the show!

I hope their portrayal is actually inspirational and helps women fight social pressures and fears that stop them to take call to action. This is the way to reduce the prospects of such crimes, by having a voice and we want to tell channel V, ‘correct hai’.

Heroes-The Fight Back Files, starts 23rd February at 7. Set your alarms with a TV Guide that lets you cut through the clutter on TV. Download Now.

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