Star Movies unleashed its Movie of the Year with the TV premiere of ‘Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron’ which reportedly grossed about 1.4 Billion USD worldwide.

Following heavy advertising over mass and social media channels, the movie premiere saw an overwhelming audience of over 10 Million viewers.

Showcased across two time slots, the movie attracted 7 Million viewers for the 1 PM – 4 PM premiere. The number went down to 4.3 Million viewers during the 9 PM – 12 PM slot.

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This much awaited TV premiere saw significant viewership across various parts of India. Tamil Nadu leads the superhero onslaught with a massive 15.17% share of the total viewership.


Be it comics or blockbuster films, the Marvel heroes continue to do what they do best: to be marvelled at by the masses!

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