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Driving Brand Frequency on Smartphone | How a Major BFSI brand maximized its engagement rates

In the age of digital everything, advertising on Television is expensive but the opportunity it provides is unparalleled - A brand image can be constructed quicker and on a much larger scale, solving problems such as awareness and top of mind recall effectively. How can these TV ads find their way to relevant audiences and ad viewers to drive Brand Frequency in the most effective manner?

When Brands advertise on television, they don’t just settle for “awareness”. They want maximum recall among target audiences. And how best to attain this? By continuous exposure to brand messages.

For our clients, Zapr provides the only platform that helps connect TV and mobile comprehensively for brand campaigns.

Zapr Media Labs we recently executed an advanced targeting campaign for a new product by a major Banking and Financial Services brand. We identified specific individuals who had watched the brand’s offline TV commercials over a period of time and engaged with them on their smartphones.


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