Credit company gets direct queries from competitor’s audiences: TV-to-Mobile targeting


The Challenge Getting competitor’s offline TVC viewers to engage with our client’s credit score campaign on mobile
Zapr Strategy We designed a win-back strategy which immediately recognized exactly who viewed the client’s competitor brand on offline TV. We further filtered this targeting parameter to people who watched it 2+ times making sure we reached individuals who definitely watched the competitor commercials
Results 30,000+ unique audiences reached.

Click-through-rates as high as 4.1%

A good credit score most certainly lands you on the greener side of the grass.

This RBI licensed credit information company recently launched a mobile campaign offering users a chance to test their credit scores for free. This means that a considerable amount of nominal fees were waived off if you were a loan or credit seeker.

The brand wanted to engage people who were exposed to the ongoing TV commercials of their competitors, then target the same viewers and cater to their impulse decision to get credit scores. This way, our client would reach offline prospects on mobile, a point where decisions are immediately turned into actions.

Zapr Media Labs, India’s first media consumption repository and cross-targeting platform, set up a marketing campaign which integrated offline-to-online engagement to meet the credit brand’s objectives.

Using Zapr’s TV-to-Mobile analytics, the brand identified those who watched their major competitor’s TV commercials, the same viewers were immediately targeted online to avail free credit scores on their phones. This precise syncing of offline and online engagement created a surge in our client’s website traffic. The campaign led to direct queries for credit scores in the first few days, and an engagement rate 4x higher than industry benchmarks.

Setting Up Effective and Smart Marketing Campaigns

Zapr’s objective was to get competitor’s offline TV commercial viewers to engage our client’s campaign offer on mobile.

Our aim was to claim higher share of mind and redirect the interest of competitor audiences to our client’s offer.

We broke down our challenge to three steps:

       Identify exactly those who viewed our client’s competitor commercials on TV

       Display ads of our client’s free credit score offer on any mobile app they used

  Monitor all mobile exchanges throughout the campaign’s run-time and direct ads to apps where users spent the most time

Develop A Win-Back Campaign Integrating TV and Mobile

We designed a campaign which immediately recognized the exact audience exposed to our client’s competitor brand on TV. We further filtered this targeting parameter to include audience exposed to the competitor’s commercials more than 2 times, making sure we reached individuals who definitely viewed the competitor commercials.

Strategy template (2).png

Our campaign made sure impressions were spent only on targeted individuals with no spillage on the digital advertising landscape. (Read Zapr verified by global anti-fraud entity TAG for digital advertising transparency)

Effective Campaign Management and End-to-End Delivery

Our ad-operations team ran the campaign on Zapr’s programmatic network across our user base of 40+ million smartphone users. Using fingerprinting and proprietary algorithms, we detected their TV viewership from ambient sounds. We precisely mapped out individuals who watched our client’s competitor ads on TV and engaged them on mobile. Target groups were shown banners and interstitials on whichever apps they spent time, across different categories like e-commerce, games, news, food and lifestyle.

Creative: Banners, Interstitials

Platform: Zapr Programmatic, Facebook (filtered by targeted IDs)

Duration: 8 days

Execution: We bid inventory near real time across major mobile ad exchanges such as Google’s AdX, Twitter’s MoPub, InMobi, Smaato, Inneractive, Vdopia and our direct partner properties. Targeted users engaged on their Facebook homepage as well as whatever apps they used right after watching our client’s competitor ads on TV. We monitored the campaign on our ad platform ‘AdImprints’ with live tracking of key campaign metrics. We also built a reporting connector with Facebook to review performance and automatically refresh our audience pool daily, making necessary changes to achieve campaign goals.


The campaign reached out to 30,000+ unique smartphone users who watched competitor TV audiences, and delivered click-through-rates as high as 4.1%. Owing to effective ad engagement, our client received direct queries for credit score tests from targeted users, all in less than 10 days.

Results template (3).png                          Campaign insights reveal that weekends saw 16% higher engagement than weekdays, while most decisions accepting the campaign offer were made between 1 – 4 PM on a daily average. States such as Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and Bihar engaged with the highest click-through-rates.

Embracing Integrated campaigns, connecting Online and Offline

At Zapr Media Labs, our offline-to-online technology allows brands to turn any kind of mobile marketing into real actionable communication. Whether it is moment marketing or competitor targeting, we are able to precisely detect individual smartphone users and their media consumption in near real time. This sets apart any campaign with Zapr Media Labs as a real bridge between offline behaviour and online engagement.

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