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57.11% Video completion rates for Duroflex: Engaging TVC viewers on Mobile

This mattress brand targeted viewers of their own TV ads and their competitor's ads, on Mobile: 57.11% VTRs and 3.1% CTRs across Facebook, YouTube, DBM.

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Brands which catch the pulse of trending narratives certainly captivate their audiences, like the recent Duroflex mattress campaign featuring a young sportswoman all set for intensive training after a good night’s rest. The brand was spending heavily on TV and with good reason, but they couldn’t give quantifiable answers to these questions:

How to measure actual engagement among TV audiences? Could they capture the audiences of their competitors who were also advertising on TV?

Duroflex used Zapr’s TV-to-Mobile platform to reach smartphone users who had watched their TV commercials, and the TVCs of a string of competitor brands who recently advertised. The campaign was executed across highly engaging platforms like Facebook, YouTube and DBM Programmatic. We engaged with more than 49,446 people who exactly fit the band’s requirements and moved straight to the point-of-sales at Click-through-rates as high 3.1%. The video engaged at View-through-rates (VTRs) as high as 57.11%, which means more than half of all targeted users who started the video watched it until the very end.


To engage users who watched Duroflex and their competitors’ commercials on offline TV. Our challenge was to engage two different segments of TV audiences: enhance brand recall among Duroflex audiences and also capture the mind space of individuals as soon as they were exposed to competitors.

We broke down our challenge into the following steps to bring audiences closer to purchase:

  • Find viewers of Duroflex commercials on broadcast TV near real-time
  • Find viewers of commercials of competitor brands on TV over specific time period
  • Locate target groups across individuals across Zapr’s smartphone user-base
  • Display Duroflex commercials on their mobiles via plugins across Facebook, YouTube and DBM programmatic
  • Monitor and report metrics throughout campaign run-time


We designed a double-edged targeting mechanism to win back high share-of-mind across the brand’s offline Target Audiences.

To make sure Duroflex reached only target groups where it could boost share-of-voice both offline and online, we monitored and reported daily spends on a client-accessible dashboard. This way there was no spillage of impressions, and the brand achieved higher mind space via a lean-in point of attention (mobile) which users couldn’t ignore.


Across Zapr’s database of over 40 million user profiles in India, we used fingerprinting technology to map out those who had watched Duroflex and their competitors’ commercials on TV. Users who fit our target group were then identified on Facebook and Youtube, and video ad content was displayed in their home feeds. Target groups were also engaged across hundreds of publishers via DBM programmatic network.

To improve the effectiveness of brand messaging, we profiled users by their offline content consumption and targeted them with different language creatives such as Kannada, Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam. For example, audiences consuming majority Tamil content on TV were shown Tamil ads, and similarly for other language content.

Creative: Video

Duration: 50 days

Platform: Facebook, YouTube, DBM Programmatic


The campaign delivered Click-through-rates as high as 3.1%, while 57.11% of targeted users who started the video commercial watched it till the end (Video-through-rates). The campaign reached out to an audience of 49,446 unique smartphone users who exactly fit the brand’s target group.


The post-campaign analysis reveals that weekdays saw 16% higher video engagement (VTRs) compared to weekends, while the morning time band 9 – 12 AM witnessed highest response (CTR) to the campaign’s call-to-action for the entire campaign duration.

Interestingly, our data findings also give us insights into the content affinity of engaged users. We profiled their TV viewership across 650+ channels and found that a majority of them watched Sports and News content. This resonates with the brand’s video creative and strongly suggests that the Zapr campaign aptly targeted and engaged Sports Enthusiasts who could connect with the brand’s messaging, on their mobiles.


Zapr’s TV-to-Mobile allows for brands to ensure the real impact of their media campaigns while countering competition at the same time. This combination of data and precision ad-technology meets a top-of-mind concern for many CMOs who have been trying to figure out a way to bridge the chasm between offline and online engagement. Reach out to us directly on to figure out how you can transform real user insights into actionable engagement.

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