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51.4 Mn viewers watch PM Modi’s Independence Day speech: what else did they watch?

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The 70th Indian Independence Day programme on August 15th 2016 saw 51.4 million TV viewers tuned in to watch PM Narendra Modi’s speech. Broadcast live across many news channels in the country, the telecast received viewership that was 12 times higher than the viewership for PM Modi’s interview on 27th June 2016 – the first ever interview by a sitting Prime Minister of India to a private television news channel.

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The speech witnessed a highly consistent viewership throughout the telecast and experienced the sharpest peak towards the end:

independenceday2016-halfhourly-23082016.jpgAmong the states which had the highest viewership for the independence day telecast, the number of urban audiences were larger than rural audiences. The state of Uttar Pradesh claimed the largest number of both urban and rural audiences tuned in to watch the Prime Minister’s speech. The states of Maharashtra, Gujarat and Rajasthan followed closely.


Being one of the few gazetted holidays in India when many business and entertainment spots outdoors are closed, the day experienced a 14% rise in the overall television viewership across India compared to the average television consumption in the previous week. The people who watched the Independence Day programme consume the highest amount of Hindi entertainment and Hindi news content.


The film “Sholay” on Star Gold and “The Kapil Sharma Show” on Sony Entertainment, were some of the most watched TV shows this Independence Day.


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