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UEFA Euro 2016: Portugal emerge as most popular team | 29% of football fans in India watch tennis


UEFA Euro 2016 witnessed a TV audience of 62.7 million viewers for the entire tournament. Emerging as the most popular team is none other than the tournament champion and first-time UEFA Euro cup holder: Portugal. 

For a recap on the viewership of the UEFA group matches, read: 


The final showdown between Portugal and France witnessed 12.4 million TV viewers. The live telecast experienced a strikingly consistent TV viewership, reaching a peak between 1:00 AM and 1:30 AM with 7.4 million viewers .


Among the cities that watched the UEFA Euro 2016, Kolkata claimed the largest share of 19.3% of the tournament’s overall viewership. Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi and Aizawl are among the cities which claimed the maximum share of viewership. 


The viewers of UEFA Euro 2016 also heavily consumed other international sport tournaments: 18.5% of individuals who watched the Wimbledon finals on 10th July continued watching the UEFA finals which kicked off an hour after the tennis match came to end.

29% of UEFA viewers watched both the Grand Slam tournaments – pointing towards a larger convergence of tennis fans and football fans.  To understand the TV viewing behaviour of tennis viewers, read:

Furthermore, to discover a segment of loyal sport viewers who watched both international sport events and popular Indian sporting leagues, read: 

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