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IPL 2016: Mumbai Indians emerge as favourite team; Oppo and Amazon grab highest ad spots

After a good three weeks of kickstarting India’s favourite sporting league, the IPL season is in full swing with the Gujarat Lions roaring at the top of the current score chart, leading with an impressive win of 7 matches – the highest so far in the season.

Nevertheless, the award for the most popular IPL team, with maximum eyeballs on TV, goes to none other than legendary cricketer Sachin Tendulkar’s home team – the ‘Mumbai Indians’.


IPL has once again unleashed its power to captivate the masses with a viewership ranging from 275 Million in the first week, dipping to 249 Million in the second, and then rising to 251 Million in the last week. Like previous years, the league has retained its unparalleled viewership and emerged once again as one of the most successful shows on Indian TV.

Looking at viewership data across matches, the weekends appear to have witnessed a fluctuating viewership during the 4 PM – 7 PM slot. However, the  8 PM – 11 PM slot has done much better in attracting viewers.



 Among the states contending for highest viewership, Maharashtra tops the chart with a giant 17% share of the total IPL viewership. Cheers to a strong home turf backing India’s favourite team!


Equally popular this season are the OEM and E-commerce brands who have rightly capitalized on the season’s fanfare. Oppo, with a heady claim of 1210 ad spots, is followed by Amazon with 1049 ad spots.


With the best of the season yet to come, IPL 2016 spells more hope for everybody – teams, fans, brands and what not!

Watch out for the next update on this season.

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