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Hum Hain Na: Charm of Banaras and a love story to break stereotypes!

Hum-Hain-Na-Serial-Wiki-Story-Cast11-500x340After watching Ranjhanaa, we are all a little smitten by the city of Benaras, or at least I am. Sony brings you a show based in, what people call, ‘The oldest city in India’. It was previously named ‘Banaras Ka Bunty’. Now as you can tell, there is a charming boy in town. He is not shy to carry his mother when she has trouble walking. He buys groceries for the house and is also very handsome in a raw way. Women all around town see him as ‘husband material’.

So what’s the twist in this tale? He falls for the daughter of a protective father. Despite his goodwill, he puts in all efforts to impress the Bengali professor. He learns the Bengali language and culture. That’s nothing new I guess! But, how does a responsible and caring son like him agrees to move in with the family of the girl? In a world where onus of moving out is always on the bride, how do the roles reverse? How does a man manage the art of balancing two families that women till date are struggling with. For these rather interesting turn of events watch ‘Hum Hain Na’ on Sony starting tonight.

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